like 和as 是比较常见的比较词,like 是介词,也就意味着其后面需要加名词,代词或名词短语,不能加句子或介词短语。而对于as 可以当作介词或连词,也就是说其后面可以跟名词性的成分或句子:

  ◆ Wrong: LIKE her brother DID, Ava aced the test.

  ◆ Right: AS her brother DID, Ava aced the test.


上例中her brother DID 是一个句子,其为谓语动词是did,所以要用as来进行连接。

like 指相似的意思,作为介词后面必须跟名词,用来修饰前面的动词或名词,来形成一种比较。在SC部分,特别要注意在句尾的like :

  (1) I want to coach divers LIKE Greg Louganis.

  = I want to coach divers WHO ARE LIKE Greg Louganis.


  = I want to coach divers IN THE SAME WAY AS Greg Louganis does.

  (2) I want to coach divers, LIKE Greg Louganis. 注意like 前面的逗号。

  = LIKE Greg Louganis, I want to coach divers. (他coaches divers而我也想这么做)


unlike 在GMAT考试中很常见,其用法和like 相同,在句尾只要不产生歧义就行:

  Most materials under a wide range of conditions resist the flow of electric current to some degree, UNLIKE superconductors, which demonstrate zero electrical resistance.

  注:like 在平时会被人误用作表示列举,但在gmat中只有such as 才有这功能。

而as 可以作为介词也可以作为连词,当as 作为连词的时候通常的用法有这几种:

  ◆ 表示持续的As: AS I strolled to the store, I smelled the air. (= while, during)

  ◆ 表示原因的As: I will not tell you, AS you already know. (= since, because)

  ◆ 表示比较的As: You should walk AS she wants you to. (= in the same way)


而表示比较的as 在GMAT考试中是最重要的一种用法,有时会和just, so, 还有so too 连用。

  ◆ JUST AS the trains were late yesterday, the buses are late today.

  ◆ JUST AS the trains were late yesterday, SO TOO are they late today.

而作比较用的as 不单单只能边句子,也可以连接短语:

  AS in the previous case, the judge took an early break.


当as 作为介词使用时,也基本满足下面三种用法:

  ◆ 表示作用的As: AS your leader, I am in charge. (= in the role of)

  ◆ 表示相等的As: I think of you AS my friend. (= you are my friend)

  ◆ 表示阶段的As: AS a child, I thought I could fly. (= when I was)


而对于当介词用的as 并没有相似的意思:

  ◆ I will jump up LIKE a clown. (= in a clownish manner)

  ◆ I will jump up AS a clown. (= in a clown suit!)

所以要使用as 来比较就要在句子中使用,最常用的as 的用法是as ... as... 第一个as 后跟形容词或副词,第二个as 后跟名词、短语甚至句子。



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