PREP 07 Test 2

其中07的第二套共包含SC题目 151 题。


序号 题目内容
1 Since the start of the space age, more and more littering has occurred in orbits near Earth, often because the intentional discarding of lens caps, packing material, fuel tanks, and payload covers.
2 In the Louisiana Purchase of 1803, the United States acquired 828,000 square miles for about four cents an acre, which more than doubled the country's size and that brought its western border within reach of the Pacific Ocean.
3 Defying efforts by policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic at restraining it, the United States dollar, continuing its rise, reaching its highest level in six years against the German mark.
4 As well as heat and light, the Sun is the source of a continuous stream of atomic particles known as the solar wind.
5 Like their male counterparts, women scientists are above average in terms of intelligence and creativity, but unlike men of science, their female counterparts have had to work against the grain of occupational stereotyping to enter a "man's world."
6 From studies of the bony house of the brain, which is the cranium, located in the back of the skull, come what scientists know about dinosaur brains.
7 So-called green taxes, which exact a price for the use of polluting or nonrenewable fuels, are having a positive effect on the environment and natural resource base of countries as varied as China, the Netherlands, and Hungary.
8 Ozone, a special form of oxygen that screens out harmful ultraviolet rays, reaches high concentrations twelve miles above Earth, where it has long appeared that it was immune from human influence; we have now realized, though, that emissions of industrial chlorofluorocarbons deplete the ozone layer.
9 The Environmental Protection Agency frequently puts mandatory controls on toxic substances that present as little risk as one in a million chances to cause cancer.
10 The rise of the Incan empire rested not only on the Incas' military might and the ability of their rulers but also they imposed a highly organized economic and political system on many different ethnic groups and permitting them to retain many of their customs and often their own leaders.
11 Nine months after the county banned jet skis and other water bikes from the tranquil waters of Puget Sound, a judge overturned the ban on the ground of violating state laws for allowing the use of personal watercraft on common waterways.
12 Performing a risky maneuver that required precision flying, not only did space shuttle astronauts retrieve an orbiting satellite, it was done simultaneously while avoiding being rear-ended by a passing ultraviolet telescope.
13 One of the earliest known birds with a beak and contour feathers, Confuciusornis sanctus, with large clawlike "thumbs" on its wings, which probably helped them to climb up to a launching position for flight.
14 Three out of every four automobile owners in the United States also own a bicycle.
15 In the mid-1920s the Hawthorne Works of the Western Electric Company was the scene of an intensive series of experiments that would investigate changes in working conditions as to their effects on workers' performance.
16 The single-family house constructed by the Yana, a Native American people who lived in what is now northern California, was conical in shape, its framework of poles overlaid with slabs of bark, either cedar or pine, and banked with dirt to a height of three to four feet.
17 The success of the program to eradicate smallpox has stimulated experts to pursue what they had not previously considered possible--better control, if not eradication, of the other infections such as measles and yaws.
18 Although the first pulsar, or rapidly spinning collapsed star, to be sighted was in the summer of 1967 by graduate student Jocelyn Bell, it had not been announced until February, 1968.
19 Some anthropologists regard the early hominids' manner of walking as being less efficient than in modern human beings.
20 The human nervous system and a telephone system superficially resemble each other, not only because the former carries information in the form of electrical impulses and because all of its neural pathways converge in the brain and spinal cord, which together form a kind of central exchange.







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