PREP 2012

PREP2012是最新破解的版本,包含SC题目 75 题。


序号 题目内容
1 The concept of the grand jury dates from the twelfth century, when Henry II of England ordered panels of common citizens should prepare lists of who were their communities' suspected criminals.
2 Efforts to equalize the funds available to school districts, a major goal of education reformers and many states in the 1970's, has not significantly reduced the gaps existing between the richest and poorest districts.
3 Unlike a typical automobile loan, which requires a 15 to 20 percent down payment, the lease-loan buyer is not required to make an initial deposit on the new vehicle.
4 The first decision for most tenants living in a building undergoing being converted to cooperative ownership is if to sign a no-buy pledge with the other tenants.
5 In Alexandria, the Ptolemys founded a library so as the written remains of Greek literature could be gathered together and systematized.
6 Glaciers form when the snow, sleet, and hail that fall in a given climatic region exceed the amount capable of being lost through evaporation or melting.
7 It is the powerful compound capsaicin that makes a chili pepper hot; a single drop that has no taste and odor is capable of detection by humans at one part per million.
8 The military governors and samurai warriors who ruled Japan were trained to respect simplicity, be austere, and a ritualized code of observed behavior.
9 Roughly twice each century the planet Venus passes between the Earth and the Sun, an occasion known as a transit of Venus, during which it makes the outline of the planet visible in stark relief.
10 Though the artifacts of pre-Columbian civilization created a stir from the very first European contacts with the New World in the sixteenth century, it was not until the latter half of the nineteenth century that Western designers, artists, and crafters were inspired to imitate them.
11 On a glacier in the High Himalayas, a Japanese zoologist has found a species of midge that is unlike any other known insect in its spending its entire life cycle in the snow and ice of a glacier.
12 Shliapentokh`s study indicated that, in the Soviet Union, women's absenteeism from their jobs, despite their home duties and their child-care responsibilities, were only a fifth of men.
13 In February 1995, Doris Schopper became president of the international council of Médecins sans Frontiéres, known in English as "Doctors Without Borders," the world's largest independent, international, voluntary emergency medical assistance and relief organization.
14 Restorers say that if allowed to remove and replace the discolored layer of varnish on the Mona Lisa, the colors Leonardo da Vinci painted nearly five hundred years ago will once again shine through.
15 After long years of indifferent reception by the scientific community, Barbara McClintock`s subtle work on the genetics of corn has now been acknowledged to be of major importance; her analyses show that movable elements control the action of genes and thus cause mutations.
16 Nineteenth-century doctors thought that alcohol, when ingested, passed through the stomach into the bloodstream and was broken down only by the liver; recent studies, however, have led them to conclude that the stomach breaks down up to 20 percent of ingested alcohol before it reaches the liver.
17 Despite the criticism in the early 1890's that if journalists use pictures the intellectual quality of publications would diminish, by the late 1890's photographs were found in most newspapers and magazines.
18 The airline's proposed purchases of as many as 250 medium-range planes will probably be the basis of an overhaul of its routes; it is expected that they will increase the number of direct point-to-point flights, instead of continue to use feeder aircraft to bring passengers to major hubs.
19 In contrast to India, where many early followers of Buddhism were itinerants travelling the countryside to disseminate the Buddha's teachings, those in China lived in monastic communities in which rules were developed for purposes of administrative organization, discipline, and the management of monastic lands and properties.
20 Unlike computer skills or other technical skills, there is a disinclination on the part of many people to recognize the degree to which their analytical skills are weak.