Ryūnosuke Akutagawa's knowledge of the literatures of Europe, China, and Japan was instrumental in his development as a writer.

As an actress and, more importantly, as a teacher of acting, Stella Adler was one of the most influential artists in the American theater, training several generations of actors whose ranks included.......

b)短语中的as(最常见的 such as

      Many kitchens today are equipped with high-speed electrical gadgets, such as blenders and food processors, capable of inflicting injuries as serious as those caused by an industrial wood-planing machine.结构中,第一个as是副词,第二个as可以是介词也可以是连词,取决于后面接名词还是接句子)

     In her presentation, the head of the Better Business Bureau emphasized that companies shouldthink of the cost of conventions and other similar gatherings  not as an expense, but as an investment in networking that will pay dividends.




According to a recent poll, owning and living in a freestanding house on its own land is still a goal of a majority of young adultsas it was of earlier generations. 

To meet the rapidly rising market demand for fish and seafood, suppliers are growing fish twice as fast as they grow naturally, cutting their feed allotment by nearly half and raising them on special diets.


 X caused a worldwide sensation in no other sighting as [X caused ...] in its return.

b)相当于 when  while, ....随着...

One legacy of Madison Avenue's recent campaign to appeal to people fifty years old and over is the realization that as people ages, their concerns change as well.

c)as做连词还可以表达,让步,原因 等,但是GMAT这种情况出现不多。




 as...as结构中 第一个as 

The first oversight board's philosophy and its actions are as influential on the industry now as they were revolutionary during the board's teure.



as可以做关系代词引导限定或者非限定 定语从句(就像that/which

He smokes as expensive a cigarette as he can afford. 

He is late, as is often the case.

习惯表达: as is known to all/ as seen from the table/ as is often said /as compared with...(这个经常出现在gmat中)