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161 Electronic Wizard has invented a very compact hand-held extremely powerful electric vacuum pump, primarily for applications in computer manufacturing. They also plan to make a version with a filter for cleaning surfaces, and market this as a cleaning device to homeowners. This hand-held electric vacuum pump will only be able to clean small areas, so homeowners would still need to own a conventional vacuum cleaner.Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest grounds for a prediction that homeowners will buy the hand-held electric vacuum pump cleaner?
162 Colfax Beta-80 is a rare genetic defect found primarily in people of Scandinavian descent. Over 97% of known carriers of this defect are citizens of, or are direct descendants of immigrants from, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. People who carry the Colfax Beta-80 defect are at substantially higher risk for contracting Lupus and related autoimmune diseases. Assuming the statements above are true, which of the following can be inferred from them?
163 Art historian: Successful forgeries tend to be those most recently painted. While such a phenomenon may sound counterintuitive, a forger is able to exploit current modes of aesthetics to create paintings that appeal to the eye of his or her contemporaries. This very quality, however, is what makes those paintings seem amateurish to subsequent generations. As a result, a majority of forgeries are identified as such roughly twenty-five years after their creation. Which of the following is an assumption upon which the argument rests?
164 Nutritionist: Your company’s fruit-processing technologies add unacceptable amounts of copper to the orange juice you sell. Because copper blocks the absorption of Vitamin C, your advertising campaign claiming that your juice is a good source of Vitamin C is faulty and should be removed.Juice Manufacturer: Some amount of copper is necessary for optimal health. Recent studies have shown that as many as 25 percent of Americans do not get enough copper in their diets; therefore, the benefits of the copper that our process adds to the juice outweigh the costs of any Vitamin C that it may block.The juice manufacturer’s response is flawed as a refutation of the nutritionist’s argument because it
165 Anselm of Canterbury (1033 – 1109) was a medieval theologian. According to Anselm's ontological argument for the existence of God, "accidental beings" are all those things -- essentially all sense objects -- whose non-existence could be imagined without inherent contradiction, and "necessary beings" are those things whose existence is guaranteed precisely by what they are. Because accidental beings could not have guaranteed that they ever would come into existence, there must be a necessary being upon whom all the accidental beings depends to bring them into existence; and this necessary being Anselm identifies with God, who therefore clearly must exist.In our modern analysis, this eleventh century argument is most vulnerable to what criticism?
166 In August, the Williamstown main city parking garage was completely full every single day of the month. This phenomenon indicates that the main city parking garage in Williamstown is a popular place for parking. herefore, the Williamstown parking garage will be full every day of the month for September. Which of the following, if true, cast the most doubt on the conclusion above?
167 Judge Brown has shown a marked preference over the past decade for sentencing criminals to make amends for their crimes—for example, by apologizing to the victim—rather than sending them to jail. He argues that the rate of recidivism, or the likelihood that the criminal will commit another offense, is only 15% when he does so, while the average rate of recidivism in the country as a whole is above 35%. Judge Brown thus argues that the criminal justice system is most effective when criminals make amends for their crime, rather than serving time. Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports Judge Brown’s claim?
168 Marijuana advocate: If marijuana were legalized in this state, the state could start assessing tax on the drug, increasing state revenues. Since sales would be legal, the criminal culture supporting the drug would vanish; as crimes ceased, the state would save money on fighting crime. Overall, the state has a tremendous amount to gain by making the drug legal. Attorney General: Studies of legalizing previously illegal drugs in other countries suggests that criminals controlling the business will not be eager either to sacrifice their profits or to play by the rules. Moreover, diverting money from crime-fighting after such legalization gives those criminals more free rein. The Attorney General uses which of the following techniques in responding to the marijuana advocate?
169 After the recent court rulings, commercial shark fishing and shark hunting will resume in Diamond Bay. Many citizens of the communities around the bay have hailed this move, believing that a decrease in sharks will lead to an increase in all smaller fish, including the endangered Green-Gilled Silverfish, whose only ecosystem is within Diamond Bay. Ecologists, though, disagree, pointing out that a decrease in sharks will lead to a surge in Sea Lions, which are the principal predator of the Green-Gilled Silverfish. In the argument given, the two portions in boldface play which of the following roles?
170 Professor Knight has noticed that students who guess on her multiple-choice tests are significantly more likely to choose answer choice C instead of A, B, D, or E. Basing her judgment on the fact that a variety of students from different social groups and backgrounds all do this, she has concluded that this tendency was acquired from her colleague Professor Leigh's habit of predominantly using C as a correct answer choice, rather than students' natural tendency to choose the middle letter. Professors Knight and Leigh are the only professors who give multiple choice tests in the required classes of the first and second year.Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the conclusion drawn by Professor Knight?
171 If shoplifting at ToySMart continues at the current rate, the shop's owner will be forced to close the store. Raising the prices of the goods sold at ToySMart by 10% will help make up the shortfall in the store's income; this change will therefore protect ToySMart from having to close.Which of the following is an assumption made in drawing the conclusion above?
172 Forty miles to the west of Tucson, a developer attempted to develop an "oasis" glade in the Sonoran Desert. He created a glade that, the developer claims, is as lush and plant-filled as the ambient 35° C temperatures allow. In particular, the developer planted several native fruit-bearing plants, such as prickly-pear cactus. Once the glade was established, a number of desert birds and mammals would regularly inhabit the glade, often eating most of the fruit that falls from the plants. The considerations given best serve as part of an argument that:
173 Archeologists have discovered three sites showing conclusive evidence for the mastery of fire in Tanzania, from a period slightly after the time that Homo habilis was present in Africa. These sites clearly were founded by Homo erectus, the descendent species of Homo habilis that migrated north, out of Africa and into Asia. Homo erectus was known to have mastered fire, from ample evidence at sites in Asia. There is no reason to attribute mastery of fire to Homo ergaster, the descendent species of Homo habilis that remained in Africa. Which of the following is an assumption on which the argument depends?
174 The prevalence of a simian virus has been directly correlated with population density in gorillas. Recent fieldwork in the Republic of Dunaga, based on capturing gorillas and testing the gorillas for the virus, has shown that Morgania Plain gorillas are more than twice as likely to be infected than are the Koluga Mountain gorillas. Nevertheless, the population density of Koluga gorillas is significantly greater than that of Morgania gorillas. Which of the following could best account for the discrepancy noted above?
175 Five years ago, the town of Bayside, in the Katonic River Valley, had catastrophic flooding one spring, and consequently, most insurers now refuse to write flood insurance for houses in Bayside. The town of Dryadia, in the Phemptic River Valley, is much like Bayside in its proximity to a similar river at an almost identical point in the river valley. We can conclude that the only reason the same insurers do not write flood insurance for houses in Dryadia either is its similarity to Bayside in terms of where it is situated in the river valley. Which of the following, if true, would most seriously undermine the argument?
176 A study has recently shown that happier employees are more productive. Employees at Davis Industries are more productive over the course of the business day than those at Saturnine Corporation. Therefore, we can conclude that Davis Industries' employees must be happier than those at Saturnine Corp.The argument is most vulnerable to which of the following criticisms?
177 In the last decade, the country of Alumba has undergone a massive construction boom. In one city, Semanta, hundreds of new buildings have been erected and, as a result, the ambient light at night has increased from 0.10 lux to 10 lux, causing migratory birds flying to alter their traditional path and fly into Semanta, where they often crash into buildings. The mayor believes that to ensure the birds keep to their traditional flight path while flying through Alumba, the city should turn off lights throughout the city at night during the bird’s migratory season, so that ambient light is around 0.10 lux. Which of the following, is necessary, to evaluate the mayor’s proposal for limiting the amount of night light that Semanta emits?
178 Art Historian: Recently, computer analysis has revealed that a few of a famous Flemish artist’s works are forgeries, and are actually the work of noted forger Elmyr de Hory. While such a development may emit violent reverberations through the art world, even those museums that have a wealth of the Flemish artists in their collections should not be overly concerned. Hundreds of this Flemish artist’s works were tested to determine whether they were forgeries, yet only a slim few turned out to be actual forgeries. Thus, the master’s reputation as one of the greatest artists humanity has ever produced will surely remain undiminished. Which of the following, if true, casts the most doubt on the art historian’s conclusion?
179 Last June, Endsville installed highway traffic cameras, in the hope that drivers along the highways would reduce their speeds. This June, the number of motorists caught speeding by the traffic cameras is nearly twice that caught last June.All of the following, if true, can help account for the increase in motorists caught speeding by traffic cameras EXCEPT?
180 Playwright A is credited with being the first playwright to break the convention of having one character converse with a chorus, by casting two lead actors in a play. Yet, Playwright B, who was born several decades before Playwright A, also incorporates this theatrical device in two of his plays.Which of the following, if true, best helps to account for the inconsistency noted above?