《(2017)GMAT官方指南》 OG 17

《(2017)GMAT官方指南(综合)》是GMAC(GMAT考试命题机构)中国大陆单家授权版本,是GMAT考试必备的专业辅导书。书中提供900余道全真试题,新增61道语文、61道数学以及8道在线综合推理试题,涵盖GMAT考试所有题型,并配有全面的答案解析。 其中,OG17的PS部分共有 230 题,全部经由老师核对确认并标上题号及难度(根据官方标准划分)。


序号 题目内容
0 A positive integer n is said to be "prime-saturated" if the product of all the different positive prime factors of n is less than the square root of n. What is the greatest two-digit prime-saturated integer?
1 The price of a coat in a certain store is $500. If the price of the coat is to be reduced by $150, by what percent is the price to be reduced?
2 On a vacation, Rose exchanged $500.00 for euros at an exchange rate of 0.80 euro per dollar and spent $$\frac{3}{4}$$ of the euros she received. If she exchanged the remaining euros for dollars at an exchange rate of $1.20 per euros, what was the dollar amount she received?
3 $$\frac{1}{3}+\frac{1}{2}-\frac{5}{6}+\frac{1}{5}+\frac{1}{4}-\frac{9}{20}=$$
4 Today Rebecca, who is 34 years old, and her daughter, who is 8 years old, celebrate their birthdays. How many years will pass before Rebecca’s age is twice her daughter’s age?
5 When traveling at a constant speed of 32 miles per hour, a certain motorboat consumes 24 gallons of fuel per hour. What is the fuel consumption of this boat at this speed measured in miles traveled per gallon of fuel?
6 A case contains c cartons. Each carton contains b boxes, and each box contains 100 paper clips. How many paper clips are contained in 2 cases?
7 A technician makes a round-trip to and from a certain service center by the same route. If the technician completes the drive to the center and then completes 10 percent of the drive from the center, what percent of the round-trip has the technician completed?
8 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分On the graph above, when $$x=\frac{1}{2}$$, y=2; and when x = 1, y = 1. The graph is symmetric with respect to the vertical line at x = 2. According to the graph, when x = 3, y =
9 When $$\frac{1}{10}$$ percent of 5,000 is subtracted from $$\frac{1}{10}$$ of 5,000, the difference is
10 Which of the following is the value of $$\sqrt{\sqrt[3]{0.000064}}$$?
11 Raffle tickets numbered consecutively from 101 through 350 are placed in a box. What is the probability that a ticket selected at random will have a number with a hundreds digit of 2 ?
12 When Leo imported a certain item, he paid a 7 percent import tax on the portion of the total value of the item in excess of $1,000. If the amount of the import tax that Leo paid was $87.50, what was the total value of the item?
13 A collection of 16 coins, each with a face value of either 10 cents or 25 cents, has a total face value of $2.35. How many of the coins have a face value of 25 cents?
14 The numbers of cars sold at a certain dealership on six of the last seven business days were 4, 7, 2, 8, 3, and 6, respectively. If the number of cars sold on the seventh business day was either 2, 4, or 5, for which of the three values does the average (arithmetic mean) number of cars sold per business day for the seven business days equal the median number of cars sold per day for the seven days?I. 2II. 4III. 5
15 If it is assumed that 60 percent of those who receive a questionnaire by mail will respond and 300 responses are needed, what is the minimum number of questionnaires that should be mailed?
16 A rectangular garden is to be twice as long as it is wide. If 360 yards of fencing, including the gate, will completely enclose the garden, what will be the length of the garden, in yards?
17 A rectangular floor that measures 8 meters by 10 meters is to be covered with carpet squares that each measure 2 meters by 2 meters. If the carpet squares cost $12 apiece, what is the total cost for the number of carpet squares needed to cover the floor?
18 If 893 * 78 = p, which of the following is equal to 893 * 79?
19 Thabo owns exactly 140 books, and each book is either paperback fiction, paperback nonfiction, or hardcover nonfiction. If he owns 20 more paperback nonfiction books than hardcover nonfiction books, and twice as many paperback fiction books as paperback nonfiction books, how many hardcover nonfiction books does Thabo own?