《(2017)GMAT官方指南》 OG 17

《(2017)GMAT官方指南(综合)》是GMAC(GMAT考试命题机构)中国大陆单家授权版本,是GMAT考试必备的专业辅导书。书中提供900余道全真试题,新增61道语文、61道数学以及8道在线综合推理试题,涵盖GMAT考试所有题型,并配有全面的答案解析。 其中,OG17的DS部分共有 174 题,题号从231到404,全部经由老师核对确认并标上题号及难度(根据官方标准划分)。


序号 题目内容
231 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分In the figure above, point D is on $$\overline {AC}$$. What is the degree measure of $$\angle BAC$$?(1)The measure of $$\angle BDC$$ is 60°.(2)The degree measure of $$\angle BAC$$ is less than the degree measure of $$\angle BDC$$.
232 In College X the number of students enrolled in both a chemistry course and a biology course is how much less than the number of students enrolled in neither?(1)In College X there are 60 students enrolled in a chemistry course.(2)In College X there are 85 students enrolled in a biology course.
233 A citrus fruit grower receives $15 for each crate of oranges shipped and $18 for each crate of grapefruit shipped. How many crates of oranges did the grower ship last week?(1)Last week the number of crates of oranges that the grower shipped was 20 more than twice the number of crates of grapefruit shipped.(2)Last week the grower received a total of $38,700 from the crates of oranges and grapefruit shipped.
234 If Pat saved $600 of his earnings last month, how much did Pat earn last month?(1)Pat spent $$\frac{1}{2}$$ of his earnings last month for living expenses and saved $$\frac{1}{3}$$ of the remainder.(2)Of his earnings last month, Pat paid twice as much in taxes as he saved.
235 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分In the xy-plane above, is angle QPR a right angle?(1) Points P and Q have the same x-coordinate.(2) Points P and R have the same y-coordinate.
236 Each of the marbles in a jar is either red or white or blue. If one marble is to be selected at random from the jar, what is the probability that the marble will be blue?(1) There are a total of 24 marbles in the jar, 8 of which are red.(2) The probability that the marble selected will be white is $$\frac{1}{2}$$.
237 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分In the fugure above, what is the value of z ?(1) x = y = 1(2) w = 2
238 Water is pumped into a partially filled tank at a constant rate through an inlet pipe. At the same time, water is pumped out of the tank at a constant rate through an outlet pipe. At what rate, in gallons per minute, is the amount of water in the tank increasing?(1)The amount of water initially in the tank is 200 gallons.(2)Water is pumped into the tank at a rate of 10 gallons per minute and out of the tank at a rate of 10 gallons every $${2}\frac1 2$$ minutes.
239 What is the value of 10 percent of y?(1) 5 percent of y is 60.(2) y is 80 percent of 1,500.
240 What is the cube root of w ?(1)The 5th root of w is 64.(2)The 15th root of w is 4.
241 If sequence S has 120 terms, what is the 105th term of S?(1) The first term of S is −8.(2) Each term of S after the first term is 10 more than the preceding term.
242 The number of seats in the first row of an auditorium is 18 and the number of seats in each row thereafter is 2 more than in the previous row. What is the total number of seats in the rows of the auditorium?(1) The number of rows of seats in the auditorium is 27.(2) The number of seats in the last row is 70.
243 If u > 0 and v > 0, which is greater, $${u}^{v}$$ or $${v}^{u}$$?(1) u = 1(2)v > 2
244 What was the range of the selling prices of the 30 wallets sold by a certain store yesterday?(1) $$\frac{1}{3}$$ of the wallets had a selling price of $24 each.(2) The lowest selling price of the wallets was $$\frac{1}{3}$$ the highest selling price of the wallets.
245 Three houses are being sold through a real estate agent. What is the asking price for the house with the second-largest asking price?(1) The difference between the greatest and the least asking price is $130,000.(2) The difference between the two greater asking prices is $85,000.
246 Is rw = 0?(1) −6 < r < 5(2) 6 < w < 10
247 Is $$x=\frac{1}{y}$$ ?(1) xy = 1(2) $$\frac{1}{xy}=1$$
248 How many people in a group of 50 own neither a fax machine nor a laser printer?(1) The total number of people in the group who own a fax machine or a laser printer or both is less than 50.(2) The total number of people in the group who own both a fax machine and a laser printer is 15.
249 What is the value of $${w}^{-2}$$?(1) $${w}^{-1}$$ = $$\frac{1}{2}$$(2) $${w}^{3}$$ = 8
250 A certain investment earned a fixed rate of 4 percent interest per year, compounded annually, for five years. The interest earned for the third year of the investment was how many dollars greater than that for the first year?(1) The amount of the investment at the beginning of the second year was $4,160.00.(2) The amount of the investment at the beginning of the third year was $4,326.40.