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Magoosh - 逻辑CR - 45
Hospital Administrator: The majority of HealthWize Hospital's income currently comes from three main insurance companies. In order to diversify its sources of income, the hospital will develop its outpatient services to provide clients with the opportunity to visit a nutritionist, a gym, and/or a masseuse on the hospital premises. Critics have protested that, at other hospitals, such plans have not worked because the funds raised through insurance payments far outweigh the money that will be brought in through these additional services. Nevertheless, this initiative will not result in a reduction of the hospital's income. Major service providers, including BeWell Nutrition and Fitness, have committed to moving their main branches to HealthWize Hospital, which will definitely prove to be an attraction for people from neighboring areas, making this a more popular venture than other hospitals'.

In the argument given, the two portions in boldface play which of the following roles?
  • AThe first presents a plan that the administrator has deemed unworkable; the second is an explanation of why it is unworkable. 分析该选项
  • BThe first presents a plan to reorganize the hospital's finances; the second is evidence in support of this plan. 分析该选项
  • CThe first presents a plan, one of whose consequences is debated in the argument; the second is the speaker's conclusion about this consequence. 分析该选项
  • DThe first presents a plan that has significantly more disadvantages than advantages; the second describes a benefit of this plan. 分析该选项
  • EThe first presents a plan that the argument attempts to defend against criticism; the second is the criticism of the plan itself. 分析该选项
正确答案: C

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