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A deadly virus that has claimed the lives of local villagers has been traced to the spotted fruit bat, in which the virus resides between periodic outbreaks. Biologists speculate that the bat might also be one of the reservoirs for a number of other viruses that have led to village fatalities. The local government has proposed to eliminate the spotted fruit bat by cutting off passageways that allow the bat to emerge from its caves. Once the bat is unable to emerge from the caves, the government will have achieved its objective of reducing the number of village deaths attributable to viruses.

Which of the following, if true, would best indicate that the government`s plan will not lead to its objective?
  • AThe bat caves in which the spotted fruit bat dwell are filled with bat dung, or guano, which provides a significant source of revenue for the country. 分析该选项
  • BAnother species of bat has been observed feeding on small animals, and has also been reported to have bitten human beings, who report feeling severely weakened after awakening from the attack. 分析该选项
  • CMany villagers who would have otherwise succumbed to a viral disease have been cured after ingesting a serum derived from a local flower whose only means of germinating is via the fur of the spotted fruit bat 分析该选项
  • DThe spotted fruit bat dwells deep inside the caves where government workers, despite using sophisticated technology, have been unable to penetrate completely. 分析该选项
  • EThough there are several other species of fruit bats in the area, the spotted fruit bat is the only one that serves as a reservoir for deadly viruses, which result in a majority of the village`s fatalities. 分析该选项
正确答案: C

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