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Magoosh - 逻辑CR - 138
In the last few years, a drastic spike in sea temperatures around Prudhoe Bay has caused the eggs of snow crabs to hatch earlier in the year than they had previously. As a result, baby snow crabs are more likely to be caught by deep sea fishing boats, since deep sea fishing boats are more numerous in Arctic waters during the fall season than they are during the winter season.

Which of the following pieces of information is necessary to evaluate the argument?
  • AThe total number of snow crabs that hatch versus the total number that had hatched before the increase in temperatures 分析该选项
  • BThe time of year the deep sea fishing boats arrive to the waters around Prudhoe Bay 分析该选项
  • CThe month in which the boats leave, and the month in which the snow crabs eggs hatch 分析该选项
  • DThe amount of area the fisherman`s nets can cover in one day 分析该选项
  • EThe amount of time the deep sea fishing boats spend in water directly above where the snow crabs are likely to hatch 分析该选项
正确答案: C

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