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At Learnington Academy, a high percentage of students are currently failing their classes, as overcrowding is making it difficult for them to receive the individualized attention from teachers that would allow them to pass. Enrollment is predicted to increase by 25 percent over the next three years. Learnington's administration has decided to hire only 10 percent more teachers for this time period, anticipating that this will be sufficient to ensure that the number of students failing because of lack of attention will not increase.

Which of the following, if true, provides the strongest grounds for the administration's prediction?
  • AMost of the future students are expected to take classes in departments that currently have lower-than-average enrollment. 分析该选项
  • BThe ten percent increase in the number of teachers can be hired without increasing Learnington's expenses by the same amount. 分析该选项
  • CBy changing class schedules, Learnington administrators can hold 10 percent more classes without constructing more buildings. 分析该选项
  • DLearnington also plans to increase extracurricular activities that meet during the same hours as the most popular classes. 分析该选项
  • EMost students who attend the most over-enrolled courses require those courses for their majors. 分析该选项
正确答案: A

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