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81 Life in an urban center, with daily experiences of subways, crowded sidewalks and dense living, provides countless opportunities for social contact and connection. Exurban life, by contrast, exists in the openness of freeways and one-acre lots, exhibiting little that would suggest social commonality. Yet studies show that people who live in exurbia consistently rate their feeling of connectedness to their community as strong whereas urban dwellers more frequently express feelings of isolation.Which of the following, if true, contributes most to an explanation of the difference in the reported feelings of connectedness between urban and exurban dwellers?
82 The Breton Symphony Orchestra board of directors and the musicians’ union are currently in contract negotiations. The musicians’ union is considering proposing a new contract that would demand the following: a 10% increase in musician salaries, the creation of a new financial bonus system for musicians who have been with the orchestra for at least six years, and a limit on the number of rehearsals per week.The answer to which of the following questions is LEAST important in helping the union to determine whether the board will be inclined to accept the new contract proposal?
83 The cost of manufacturing automobiles is considerably greater in Esteria than in Burdistan. In order to stimulate Esterian consumers’ purchases of domestically manufactured automobiles, the Esterian government has historically charged taxes on automobiles manufactured in Burdistan. Five years ago, however, the Esterian government dropped those taxes; in those five years, the number of workers employed in Esterian automobile factories has decreased by 30%. Therefore, the number of vehicles manufactured and sold in Esteria must have decreased in the last five years. Which of the following, if true, most weakens the argument?
84 One feature of the global food economy is the simultaneous import and export of the same items, a phenomenon known as “redundant trade.” In California, for example, domestic cherries are exported to Canada and Japan, while a nearly equivalent number of cherries are imported from Chile, Italy, and Germany. California also exports and imports nearly identical amounts of lettuce and almonds. Although shipping fresh fruits and vegetables is an expensive undertaking, there is a justifiable economic rationale for redundant trade.Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the conclusion above?