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A marketer bought N crates of empty cardboard gift boxes. Each crate held Q individual gift boxes, and the lot of N crates was purchases at a wholesale price of W dollars. This marketer will sell collections of J cardboard gift boxes to retailers, at a price of P dollars for each collection. (Note: J is a divisor of Q.) The marketer knows that, when he has sold all the cardboard gift boxes this way, he wants to net a total profit of Z dollars on the entire transaction. What price P for these collections must he charge, to net this profit? Express P in terms of N, Q, W, J, and Z.
  • A$$NJ(Z-W)\over{Q}$$
  • B$$J(Z+W)\over{NQ}$$
  • C$$Q(Z-W)\over{NJ}$$
  • D$$\frac{QZ}{NJ}+W$$
  • E$$\frac{NZ}{QJ}-W$$
正确答案: B

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