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401 If x and y are positive odd integers, then which of the following must also be an odd integer?I. $$x^{y+1}$$II. x(y+1)III. $$(y+1)^{x-1} + 1$$
402 What is the sum of all possible solutions to the equation$$\sqrt{2x^{2}-x-9}=x+1$$ ?
403 If$$\sqrt{17+\sqrt{264}} $$ can be written in the form $$\sqrt{a}+\sqrt{b}$$ , where a and b are integers and b < a, then a - b =
404 $$10^{x} + 10^{y} + 10^{z} = n$$, where x, y, and z are positive integers. Which of the following could be the total number of zeroes, to the left of the decimal point, contained in n? I. x + yII. y – zIII. z
405 If x + |x| + y = 7 and x + |y| - y = 6 , then x + y =
406 Two sides of a triangle have length 6 and 8. Which of the following are possible areas of the triangle? I. 2 II. 12 III. 24
407 Car A and B started at different times from Town X and travel to Town Y on the same route at different constant speeds. Car A was initially behind Car B, but Car A was faster. Car A passed Car B at 1:30 pm. At 3:15 pm, Car A reached Town Y, and at that moment, Car B was still 35 miles away from Town Y. The time Car B took to complete the trip from Town X to Town Y was 25% more than the time that Car A took. What is the speed of Car A?
408 For how many unique coordinate points (P, Q), such that P and Q are integers, is it true that $$P^{2} - Q^{2} =$$ 1155?
409 If x is an odd negative integer and y is an even integer, which of the following statements must be true?I. (3x - 2y) is oddII. $$xy^{2}$$ is an even negative integerIII. $$(y^{2} - x)$$ is an odd negative integer
410 If a and b are positive integers, and %$$(2^{3})(3^{4})(5^{7}) = a^{3}b$$, how many different possible values of b are there?
411 Given that the length of each side of a quadrilateral is a distinct integer and that the longest side is not greater than 7, how many different possible combinations of side lengths are there?
412 How many positive integers less than 10,000 are such that the product of their digits is 210?
413 If ABCD is a square with area 625, and CEFD is a rhombus with area 500, then the area of the shaded region is Note: Figure not drawn to scaleGMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
414 In the x-y plane, point (p, q) is a $$\mathbf {lattice}$$ $$\mathbf {point}$$ if both p and q are integers. Circle C has a center at (–2, 1) and a radius of 6. Some points, such as the center (–2, 1), are inside the circle, but a point such as (4, 1) is $$\mathbf {on}$$ the circle but not $$\mathbf {in}$$ the circle. How many lattice points are in circle C?
415 In the above diagram, the 16 points are in rows and columns, and are equally spaced in both the horizontal & vertical direction. How many triangles, of absolutely any shape, can be created from three points in this diagram? Different orientations (reflections, rotations, translations, etc.) count as different triangles.