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241 How many points (x, y) lie on the line segment between (22, $$12\frac {2}{3})$$ and (7,$$ 17 \frac{2}{3}$$) such that x and y are both integers?
242 $$({0.1666666…})\over({0.375})(0.4444444…)^{2}$$=
243 The nth term$$(t_n)$$ of a certain sequence is defined as $$t_n = t_{n-1} + 4$$. If$$ t_1= -7 $$then $$t_{71}$$ =
244 What is the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of$$ 25x^{2} and 16y^{4}$$?
245 At the moment there are 54,210 tagged birds in a certain wildlife refuge. If exactly 20 percent of all birds in the refuge are tagged, what percent of the untagged birds must be tagged so that half of all birds in the refuge are tagged?
246 If $$x \neq$$ 2.5 and 2x = |15 - 4x|, then x =
247 If x is a number such that $$x^2 + 2x - 24 = 0 and x^{2} + 5x - 6 = 0$$, then x =
248 How many three-digit numbers are there such that all three digits are different and the first digit is not zero?
249 A certain restaurant offers 8 different salads, 5 different main courses, 6 different desserts. If customers choose one salad, one main course and two different desserts for their meal, how many different meals are possible?
250 David drove to work at an average (arithmetic mean) speed of 45 miles per hour. After work, David drove home at an average speed of 60 miles per hour. If David spent a total of 2 hours commuting to and from work, how many miles does David drive to work?
251 Given$$f(x)= {{x}\over{x+1}}$$, for what value k does $$f(f(k))=\frac{2}{3}?$$
252 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分In the figure above, JKLMN is a regular pentagon. Find the measure of ∠KQL.
253 If ABCD is a rectangle, BC = x and AB = 2x, then the circumference of the circle, in terms of x, isGMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
254 If $$p ={ {1}\over{\sqrt{14}-\sqrt{13}}} $$and q = $${ {1}\over{\sqrt{14}+\sqrt{13}}} $$ then $$p^{2 }+ 2pq + q^{2} =$$
255 Ⅰ.$${49!}\over{({7^{49})}^{2}}$$Ⅱ.$${49!}\over({7!)^{2}}$$Ⅲ.$${49!}\over({42!)(7!)}$$Rank these three quantities from least to greatest.
256 Consider the three points in the x-y plane: P = (8, 4), Q = (6, 7), and R = (9, 0). Rank these three points from closest to the origin, (0, 0), to furthest from the origin.
257 In the xy-coordinate system, a circle with radius $$\sqrt{30}$$ and center (2,1) intersects the x-axis at (k ,0). One possible value of k is
258 It takes 1 pound of flour to make y cakes. The price of flour is w dollars for x pounds. In terms of w, x and y, what is the dollar cost of the flour required to make 1 cake?
259 If k is an integer, what is the smallest possible value of k such that 1040k is the square of an integer?
260 Consider these three quantities:Ⅰ$$.\frac{49!}{48!}$$Ⅱ.$${49!}\over({7!})^{2}$$Ⅲ.Ⅱ.$${49!}\over({42!)(7!})$$Rank these three quantities from least to greatest.