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21 If the population of Townville went from 2105 to 1705, then the percent decrease in population is closest to
22 Ben is three times as old as Ron. Ed is 8 years younger than Ben. Ron is 7 years older than Ken. If the sum of the ages of all four people is 161, how many years old is Ron?
23 Joan is allowed to invite 3 of her friends to join her on a family camping trip. If Joan has 10 friends, in how many ways can she invite 3 of them?
24 In a certain sequence, the term tn is defined as$$t_n = 3t_{n-1} - 2t_{n-2}$$ for all n > 2. If $$t_1 = -2$$ and $$t_2 = -1$$ , then $$t_4 =$$
25 $$({{3}^{-1}-2^{-1}})^{-1}$$
26 Nina has exactly enough money to purchase 6 widgets. If the cost of each widget were reduced by $1.25, then Nina would have exactly enough money to purchase 8 widgets. How much money does Nina have?
27 In the coordinate plane, Line H has a positive slope, and Line J never passes through the first quadrant. Which of the following could be true?I. line J is perpendicular to line HII. line J is parallel to line HIII. line J intersects line H on the x-axis
28 If a sequence is defined by$$ an = (a_{n-1})^2 - 2(a_{n-2}) $$for $$n\ge1$$ ,and if $$a_1 = 2 and a_2 = 3, what is the fifth term (a_5) $$of the sequence?
29 The numbers p and q are both positive. If p percent of 160 equals q percent of 40, then $$\frac{p}{q} =$$
30 For all numbers x and y, the operation$$\Phi$$ is defined by x$$\Phi$$ y = (x+y)(x-y) + (y-x)(y+x) +xy. What is the value of $$\sqrt{12}\Phi\sqrt{3}$$?
31 Working alone, pump A can empty a pool in 3 hours. Working alone, pump B can empty the same pool in 2 hours. Working together, how many minutes will it take pump A and pump B to empty the pool?
32 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分In the diagram above, angle measures in degrees are marked as shown, and segment BC is parallel to line AD. What is the measure of angle E?
33 If $$f(x) = x^3 - 5$$ and f(k) = 3 then k =
34 Ten students wrote a test, and the distribution of scores is shown on the frequency table. If the average (arithmetic mean) score is 62, what is the value of x ?GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
35 At Joe's candy store, the total cost of 1 gumball and 1 lollipop is $0.74. The total cost of 1 chocolate bar and 1 lollipop is $0.92. The total cost of 1 gumball and 1 chocolate bar is $1.24. What is the cost in dollars of 1 chocolate bar?
36 Three friends are buying a gift for a friend. Declan contributes 4 dollars more than$$\frac{1}{4}$$ the cost of the gift, Ed contributes 1 dollar less than $$\frac{1}{3}$$ the cost of the gift, and Frank contributes the remaining 22 dollars. What is the cost of the gift?
37 $$\sqrt{839} $$is between
38 What is the Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of $$18x^{8}y^{20} and 24x^{12}y^{15}$$?
39 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分ABCD is a square with sides of length y, and JKLM is sides of length x. If Rectangle S (not shown) with length (x + y) has the same area as the shaded region above, what is the width of Rectangle S?
40 If a, b, c and d are different integers between -6 and 10 inclusive, what is the least possible value of the product abcd?