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121 Today, Bill is thirteen times as old as Pete. In nine years, Bill will be four times as old as Pete. How old will Pete be 2 years from today?
122 If$$ \frac{w}{x} = \frac{2}{3} and\frac{ w}{y} = \frac{8}{15}$$, then $$({x + y})\over{y} $$=
123 Note: Figure not drawn to scaleGMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分If x and y are numbers on the number line above, which of the following statements must be true? I. |x+y| < y II. x + y < 0 III. xy < 0
124 The length and width of a rectangular yard are 11 meters and 5 meters respectively. If each dimension were reduced by x meters to make the ratio of length to width 8 to 3, what would be the value of x?
125 A certain barrel is$$\frac{1}{5} $$full. When k liters of liquid are added to the barrel, it becomes$$\frac{ 2}{3}$$ full. In terms of k, what is the capacity of the barrel, in liters?
126 If $$5^{x+y} = 125$$ and $$3^{x-3y} = \frac{1}{9}$$, then y =
127 If y is 80 percent greater than x, then x is what percent less than y?
128 $${91!-90!+89!}\over{89!}$$=
129 If the average (arithmetic mean) of a and b is j, and the average of c, d, and e is k, what is the average of a, b, c, d, e and j ?
130 The average (arithmetic mean) of five numbers is 3x + 4. If one of the numbers is 7x - 4, what is the average of the other four numbers?
131 Cindy invests $10000 in an account that pays an annual rate of 3.96%, compounding semi-annually. Approximately how much does she have in her account after two years?
132 Captown is the capital city of Maltania. If the population of Captown is 25 percent of the rest of the population of Maltania, then the population of Captown is what percent of the entire population of Maltania?
133 $$\sqrt{81+81+81+81+81+81+81+81}$$=
134 If A, B, C and D are positive integers such that 4A = 9B, 17C = 11D, and 5C = 12A, then the arrangement of the four numbers from greatest to least is
135 What is the value of x?GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
136 2k years ago Frank was 3k years old. In k years Frank's age, in years, will be
137 If $$\sqrt{2x^{2}+2xy+13y^{2}} = x + 3y$$ , then x =
138 Having received his weekly allowance, John spent $$\frac{3}{5}$$ of his allowance at the arcade. The next day he spent one third of his remaining allowance at the toy store, and then spent his last $0.80 at the candy store. What is John’s weekly allowance?
139 If$$(\frac{1}{2})^{24}(\frac{1}{81})^{k}={{1}\over18^{24}}$$ , then k =
140 When 100 is divided by positive integer x, the remainder is 2. What is the remainder when 198 is divided by x?