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61 If 3x = 2y = 5, then$$ 24xy^{2} =$$
62 Appleton’s population is 400 greater than Berryville’s population. If Berryville’s population were reduced by 900 people, then Appleton’s population would be 3 times as large as Berryville’s population. What is Berryville’s current population?
63 0.000125 =
64 For all positive numbers x, Δx is defined as the cube root of x, and ∇x is defined as the square root of x. If$$ ∇(Δk) = m^{2}$$ , then k =
65 If 100,000 microns = 1 decimeter, and 1,000,000,000 angstroms = 1 decimeter, how many angstroms equal 1 micron?
66 Machine A can make 350 widgets in 1 hour, and machine B can make 250 widgets in 1 hour. If both machines work together, how much time will it take them to make a total of 1000 widgets?
67 Jack has 5 cats and 1 dog. If the dog’s weight is 3 times the average (arithmetic mean) weight of the cats, then the dog’s weight is what fraction of the total weight of all 6 animals?
68 Joan has 100 candies to distribute among 10 children. If each child receives at least 1 candy and no two children receive the same number of candies, what is the maximum number of candies that a child can receive?
69 $$\sqrt{12x32x54}$$
70 A bag contains x blue chips and y red chips. If the probability of selecting a red chip at random is $$\frac{3}{7}$$, then $$\frac{x}{y} =$$
71 $$49^{2}-35^{2}\over{14}$$=
72 If k is an odd integer, which of the following must be an even integer?
73 If a truck is traveling at a constant rate of 90 kilometers per hour, how many seconds will it take the truck to travel a distance of 600 meters?(1 kilometer = 1000 meters)
74 The microcurrent through the electrode in a delicate circuit is usually held constant at $$3.6 × 10^{–8}$$ amps. Because of a defect in another part of the circuit, the current was 1000 times smaller. What was the current, in amps, caused by this defect?
75 If$$\frac{1}{x} = 0.4$$, then $${1}\over{x+2} =$$
76 If $$y = \frac{x}{5}$$ , then what is the ratio of 2x to 3y ?
77 A helicopter company charges $85 for the first kilometer of a trip and $5 for every kilometer after that. If the total cost of a trip was $365, how many kilometers were flown?
78 In the xy-coordinate system, line k passes through points (-5m, 0) and (0, 2m). Which of the following is a possible equation of line k?
79 In the xy-coordinate system, points (2, 9) and (-1, 0) lie on line k. If the point (n, 21) lies on line k, what is the value of n?
80 If $$ W=\sqrt{\frac{1}{16}},x=(\frac{1}{100})^\frac{1}{3}and y=(\frac{1}{4})^{-2}then$$