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141 In Ophiuchus Corporation, 60% of the total revenue R is devoted to the advertising budget. Five-sixths of this advertising budget was spent on television advertising. Which of the following represents the dollar amount spent on television advertising?
142 In a group of 50 students, 31 are taking French, 17 are taking Spanish, and 10 are taking neither French nor Spanish. How many students are taking both French and Spanish?
143 What is the area of the circle?GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
144 $${10!-8!}\over{7!}$$=
145 If K is the least positive integer that is divisible by every integer from 1 to 8 inclusive, then K =
146 If x is the greatest common divisor of 90 and 18, and y is the least common multiple of 51 and 34, then x + y =
147 It took Ellen 6 hours to ride her bike a total distance of 120 miles. For the first part of the trip, her speed was constantly 25 miles per hour. For the second part of her trip, her speed was constantly 15 miles per hour. For how many miles did Ellen travel at 25 miles per hour?
148 If $$\frac{4}{w} + \frac{4}{x} = \frac{4}{y} and wx = y$$, then the average (arithmetic mean) of w and x is
149 $${4^{6}-4^{5}}\over{3}$$=
150 Hal has 4 girl friends and 5 boy friends. In how many different ways can Hal invite 2 girls and 2 boys to his birthday party?
151 A, B, and C are consecutive odd integers such that A < B < C.If A + B + C = 81, then A + C =
152 What is the average (arithmetic mean) of $$(\sqrt{8}+\sqrt{2})^{2}$$and $$(\sqrt{8}-\sqrt{2})^{2}$$ ?
153 If x and y are both positive and $$\sqrt{x^{2}+y^{2}} = 3x - y, then \frac{x}{y} =$$
154 Line k is in the rectangular coordinate system. If the x-intercept of k is -2, and the y-intercept is 3, which of the following is an equation of line k?
155 If$${(\frac{1}{x}+x)}^{2}=16$$,then $${{1}\over{x^{2}}}+x^{2}=$$
156 If 3 apples and 4 bananas costs $1.37, and 5 apples and 7 bananas costs $2.36, what is the total cost of 1 apple and 1 banana?
157 When positive integer x is divided by 11, the quotient is y and the remainder is 4. When 2x is divided by 8, the quotient is 3y and the remainder is 2. What is the value of 13y – x ?
158 A is the center of the circle, and the length of AB is$$4\sqrt{2}$$ . The blue shaded region is a square. What is the area of the shaded region?GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
159 If ak - b = c - dk, then k =
160 Dimitri weighs x pounds more than Allen weighs. Together, Allen and Dimitri weigh a total of y pounds. Which of the following represents Allen’s weight?