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41 A box contains 4 red chips and 2 blue chips. If two chips are selected at random without replacement, what is the probability that the chips are different colors?
42 If 3xm + 2ym - 2yn - 3xn = 0 and $$m\neq n$$ , then what is the value of y in terms of x?
43 M is a positive two-digit number. When the digits are reversed, the number is N. If K = M + N, which of the following is true?
44 0.25% =
45 Which of the following inequalities is equivalent to 12 - 3x < -18
46 $$(3x10^{20})(8x10^{30})$$=
47 If k is an integer and $$k =\frac{462}{n}$$ , then which of the following could be the value of n?
48 For which of the following functions is $$f(-\frac{1}{2})$$ $$\gt$$f(2)?
49 $$If x^{4} = y^{16}$$, then y =
50 Which of the following best represents the quotient$$\frac{ P}{Q}$$?GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
51 At a certain company, 30 percent of the male employees and 50 percent of the female employees have an MBA. If 40 percent of the employees are female, what percent of the employees do not have an MBA?
52 In the xy-coordinate system, the distance between the point (0,0) and point P is$$\sqrt{40}$$ . Which of the following could be the coordinates of point P?
53 If $$x + 2 ={{x+11}\over{x+3}} , then x^{2} + 4x - 5 =$$
54 If $$ x \neq -2$$, $$x \neq 7$$ and$${{x-3}\over{x+2}}={{x+3}\over{x-7} }$$ , then x =
55 If x is a positive integer and x+2 is divisible by 10, what is the remainder when$$ x^{2}+4x+9$$ is divided by 10?
56 When Q is divided by W, the quotient is R and the remainder is E. Which of the following expressions is equal to E?
57 If a triangle in the xy-coordinate system has vertices at (-2 , -3), (4, -3) and (28, 7), what is the area of the triangle?
58 If the average (arithmetic mean) of b and c is 5, and the average of c and d is 10, then b - d =
59 If four numbers are randomly selected without replacement from set {1, 2, 3, 4}, what is the probability that the four numbers are selected in ascending order?
60 Seven years ago Bob was k times as old as Ann. If Ann is now 11 years old, what is Bob’s present age in terms of k?