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301 While driving from A-ville to B-town, Harriet drove at a constant speed of 115 kilometers per hour. Upon arriving in B-town, Harriet immediately turned and drove back to A-ville at a constant speed of 135 kilometers per hour. If the entire trip took 5 hours, how many minutes did it take Harriet to drive from A-ville to B-town?
302 If the length of each side of an equilateral triangle were increased by 50 percent, what would be the percent increase in the area?
303 The value of $${(1.3333) (0.6666)(1.125)}\over{(0.75)(0.8)(0.8333)}$$is closest to
304 If k is a non-negative integer and $$15^{k }$$is a divisor of 759,325 then $$3^{k} - k^{3} =$$
305 When a certain coin is flipped, the probability of heads is 0.5. If the coin is flipped 6 times, what is the probability that there are exactly 3 heads?
306 Peter invests $100,000 in an account that pays 12% annual interest: the interest is paid once, at the end of the year. Martha invests $100,000 in an account that pays 12% annual interest, compounding monthly at the end of each month. At the end of one full year, compared to Peter's account, approximately how much more does Martha’s account have?
307 A cow is tethered to the corner of a rectangular shed. If the length of the rope is 5, and the shed has length 4 and width 3, what is the maximum area that is accessible to the cow? (The cow cannot enter the shed).GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
308 $$\sqrt{0.00001}$$=
309 Seven cars of seven different models are going to park in a row of seven side-by-side parking spots for an advertisement. Model P and Model Q must park next to each other, and Model S must be somewhere to the right of Models P & Q. How many possible configurations are there for the cars?
310 In the xy-coordinate system, the distance between points $$(2\sqrt{3}, -\sqrt{2})$$and$$(5\sqrt{3}, 3\sqrt{2})$$ is approximately
311 If A is the initial amount put into an account, R is the annual percentage of interest written as a decimal, and the interest compounds annually, then which of the following would be an expression, in terms of A and R, for the interest accrued in three years?
312 Positive integers a, b, c, d and e are such that a < b < c < d < e. If the average (arithmetic mean) of the five numbers is 6 and d - b = 3, then what is the greatest possible range of the five numbers?
313 If $$f(x) = x^{4} - 3x^{3}- 2x^{2} + 5x $$, then f(-1) =
314 If $$\frac{x}{3} + \frac{x}{4} + 15 = x$$, then x =
315 In the diagram, AE = 20, AD = 14, CD = 6 and EB = 17. What is the length of line segment BC?Note: Figure not drawn to scaleGMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
316 A shipment of watermelons weighs 899 pounds. If each watermelon weighs at least 15 pounds, what is the greatest number of watermelons that could be in the shipment?
317 $$(5\frac{5}{8})\over(4\frac{1}{2})$$=
318 To attend the Barnaby Dance, Sarah must buy new shoes for $47, a new earrings for $16, and a ticket to the dance for $25. If there will be an 8% tax on the shoes & earrings, what is the total amount Sarah must pay?
319 The Greatest Common Factor (GCF) of 48 and 72 is
320 $$(1\frac{1}{6})$$x$$(1\frac{11}{21})$$=