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181 Five hundred million different species of living creatures have appeared on Earth, nearly 99 percent of them vanishing.
182 Alaska regularly deposits some of its profits from the sale of oil into a special fund, with the intention to sustain the state`s economy after the exhaustion of its oil reserves.
183 Besides yielding such psychological rewards as relief from stress, deep relaxation, if practiced regularly, can strengthen the immune system and produce a host of other physiological benefits.
184 Building large new hospitals in the bistate area would constitute a wasteful use of resources, on the basis of avoidance of duplicated facilities alone.
185 The commission's office of compliance, inspections, and investigations plans to intensify its scrutiny of stock analysts to investigate not only whether research is an independent function at brokerage firms, but also whether conflicts result when analysts own the stocks they write about or when they are paid for their work by a firm's investment banking division.
186 The nineteenth-century chemist Humphry Davy presented the results of his early experiments in his "Essay on Heat and Light", a critique of all chemistry since Robert Boyle as well as a vision of a new chemistry that Davy hoped to found.
187 Several financial officers of the company spoke on condition that they not be named in the press reports.
188 For many people, household labor remains demanding even if able to afford household appliances their grandparents would find a miracle.
189 There are several ways to build solid walls using just mud or clay, but the most extensively used method has been the forming of bricks out of mud or clay, and, after some preliminary air drying or sun drying, they are laid in the wall in mud mortar.
190 Research during the past several decades on the nature of language and the processes that produce and make it understandable has revealed great complexity instead of underlying simplicity.
191 Several studies have found that the coronary patients who exercise most actively have half or less than half the chance of dying of a heart attack as those who are sedentary.
192 Scholars who once thought Native American literatures were solely oral narratives recorded by missionaries or anthropologists now understand this body of work to consist of both oral literatures and the written works of Native American authors, who have been publishing since 1772.
193 Just like the background in art history needed by an archaeologist in order to evaluate finds of ancient art, the nautical archaeologist needs specialized knowledge of the history and theory of ship design in order to understand shipwrecks.
194 The globalization of financial-services companies has been a boon to money launders, because of allowing money placed in a bank in a less regulated jurisdiction to be transferred to a branch in a more regulated one.
195 Studies show that young people with higher-than-average blood pressure and their families have a history of high blood pressure are more likely than others to develop a severe form of the condition.
196 The spraying of pesticides can be carefully planned, but accidents, weather conditions that could not be foreseen, and pilot errors often cause much larger deposits of spray than they had anticipated.
197 The Arthritis Research Institute of America advises women of color that they have twice the likelihood to get osteoarthritis of the knee as do White women.
198 When an active tooth in the shark's jaws is lost or worn down, many spare teeth lie in seemingly limitless reserve, each of which are ready to slide into the appropriate position.
199 Mauritius was a British colony for almost 200 years, excepting for the domains of administration and teaching, the English language was never really spoken on the island.
200 Whereas lines of competition are clearly defined in the more established industries, in the Internet industry they are blurred and indistinct, as companies that compete one day may be partners the next.