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321 Until recently, the Inuit people led a nomadic existence, sheltering in igloos, the ice-block domes that are peculiar to north-central Canada, and in structures made of stones, bones, driftwood, and skins.
322 In 1994 the white house named Dr RuthR. Faden chairperson of the federal advisory committee of experts they assigned to do a report on the history and ethics of the government's radiation experiments on humans in the 1950's and1960's.
323 In 1852 Robert Angus Smith published a detailed report of the chemistry of rain in a large area around the city of Manchester, England, noting that the closer one came to town, the more the city air would become increasingly acidic.
324 From 1965 on, the region`s standard of living has soared, but also unemployment and prices.
325 Even though Clovis points, spear points with longitudinal grooves chipped onto their faces, have been found all over North America, they are named for the New Mexico site where they were first discovered in 1932.
326 Written in ink or engraved by stylus, more than 2,000 letters and documents on wooden tablets excavated at the site of the old roman fort at vindolanda in northern England are yielding a historical account of the military garrison in the first and second centuries that are so vivid in their details about personal life as they are from Pompeii.
327 Arctic terns, being true long-distance migrants, they nest in coastal wetlands of northern Europe but fly south for thousands of miles to spend the European winters in Antarctica.
328 The soft drink company`s flat earnings for the second quarter reflect the success of both its restructured global bottling system and the extent to which poor currency exchange rates keep down profits for multinational companies
329 Neither First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt nor Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins sought recognition by the press, and both cautiously allowed others of the Roosevelt brain trust to take credit for the genesis of historic programs in public employment, relief, and social security that were in large measure what they had been responsible for.
330 The Achaemenid empire of Persia reached the Indus Valley in the fifth century B.C., bringing the Aramaic script with it, from which was derived both northern and southern Indian alphabets.
331 The steel industry has changed radically over the last two decades, as large, integrated companies such as Bethlehem Steel once conducted operations from mining at one end of the process to shipping at the other have greatly downsized, or in some cases shut down altogether.
332 The Acoma and Hopi are probably the two oldest surviving Pueblo communities, both dating back at least a thousand years.
333 Unlike the many winter greens that have tough leaves and thus require a lengthy cooking time, those of escarole need little or no cooking.
334 Under high pressure and intense heat, graphite, the most stable form of pure carbon, changes into the substance commonly referred to as diamond and remaining this way whether or not the heat and pressure are removed.
335 Unearthed in China, fossils of feathered dinosaurs offer the most dramatic evidence yet discovered of the close evolutionary relationship between dinosaurs and birds.
336 As Charles Darwin observed, natural selection operates whenever individuals of one genetic composition are better at reproducing than that of others.