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21 Used until the end of the Second World War, the German army employed the U-boat to attack both military or civilian watercraft.
22 According to industry analysts, the recent growth in the number of hybrid motor vehicles in major metropolitan areas are likely to accelerate in the future.
23 Practitioners of cognitive therapy believes that clinical depression, along with several other mental illnesses, are exacerbated by irrational or maladaptive thoughts.
24 In China, a country not known for freedom of political expression, the number of social protests increased from slightly less than 10,000 in 1993 to more than 58,000 in 2003.
25 Jean-Jacques Rousseau contended that man is good only when in "the state of nature" but is corrupted by society, that compels man to compare himself to others.
26 During the rule of Emperor Claudius, which was known for his military expeditions against the German tribes of the Chauci and Catti, the population of ancient Rome exceeded any city in the Roman Empire.
27 Although Moliere's satirical play Tartuffe was condemned by his contemporaries, he is now considered the writer of one of the most famous French plays of all time.
28 The United States Navy announced that, beginning next year, they plan to close several of their bases in order to reduce operating expenses.
29 The portion of the interest earned on the state university's endowment that is set aside to fund merit scholarships for outstanding high school seniors is more numerous than that set aside to fund the university's high-powered athletic program.
30 In his laws of motion, which now form the core of classical mechanics, Isaac Newton clearly and concisely introduced three important physical ideas: the concept of inertia, the relationship between force and acceleration, and the coupled nature of forces.
31 The Bunsen burner, named after the German scientist who improved its design and efficiency, was invented in 1885 not by Bunsen himself but by fellow scientist Michael Faraday.
32 Mercury lacks a substantial atmosphere unlike the other planets in the solar system, having such small size and proximity to the sun.
33 Many computer databases impose formatting requirements, such as minimum numbers of capital letters or numerals, on users’ passwords in an attempt to enhance security; ironically, these measures often make the passwords easier to guess, as users are more likely to select the simplest possible password that conforms to all the rules.
34 Kleine-Levin syndrome, a rare neurological disorder primarily affecting adolescents, is characterized by cyclical episodes of extreme lethargy, heightened irritability, and appearing confused.
35 Intercoms are found throughout hospitals so they can quickly and easily respond to any type of emergency with doctors no matter how severe.
36 Found in the wild only in Australia and New Guinea, powerful back legs with long feet distinguish kangaroos from other large mammals.
37 Hogarth's engravings, which provide a vivid portrait of eighteenth-century London, are of interest to both artists and historians.
38 Though laypeople often refer to the panda as a bear, due to its physical resemblance to one, DNA testing has shown that it is more closely related to the common raccoon than any member of the bear family.
39 From the Civil War to soldiers in Vietnam, Smith & Wesson, the legendary arms maker, equipped both the soldiers and the sailors who have fought America’s wars.
40 In order to properly evaluate a patient’s state of mind and gain informed consent prior to surgery, a substantial period of time must be spent with the operating physician by the patient to become fully aware of the pros and cons of undergoing a surgical procedure.