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61 The decline and fall of the Roman Empire remains a topic of vigorous debate to this day; historians have attributed it to a variety of causes, including military insurrection, ethnic conflict, and widespread immorality.
62 High temperatures, beaches that are expansive, and active volcanoes attract close to seven million tourists to the Hawaiian Islands each year.
63 Foods high in tryptophan, an amino acid that is a precursor to serotonin, can help people to fall asleep by reducing anxiety, relaxing the brain, and in regulating the sleep cycle.
64 If a person wants to ascend up the corporate ladder, they have to know the rules of the game.
65 The mountain cornfloss, native to the Rocky Mountains from Colorado to Canada and thought of as being the most beautiful of all wildflowers, grow on steep ledges and in deep cracks on remote mountaintops.
66 A new study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that women who exercise regularly and maintained a healthy diet are at low risk of sudden cardiac death during physical exertion that is moderate to vigorous in nature.
67 Red-light cameras, originally implemented in an attempt at increasing the safety of intersections, have been precisely the opposite: drivers are afraid of expensive citations and often brake suddenly as they approach camera-equipped intersections, so they cause rear-end accidents.
68 The recent global boom in the market price for scrap steel and aluminum leads to a sudden rise in the theft of everyday metal objects like manhole covers, guard rails, and empty beer kegs.
69 Although amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, typically causes death within 3 to 5 years of the onset of symptoms, on average, the famous physicist Stephen Hawking has defied the odds, in contrast, by living more than 40 years after his initial diagnosis.
70 On any city street in today's world one will encounter more women who wear pants than skirts, yet, just two or three generations ago, when police forced actress Marlene Dietrich to leave Paris in 1945, for she had dared to wear pants on the street.
71 Human activity on the continent of Antarctica is regulated by the Antarctic Treaty, which was signed in 1959 by 12 countries and prohibits any military activity, supports scientific research, and is giving protection to the continent's ecozone.
72 Unlike lions and tigers, which can be roaring by causing its hyoid bones to vibrate, domestic cats have fixed hyoid bones and are therefore unable to roar.
73 Since the Italian government began a crackdown on the black market in the 1970's, the amount of looted antiquities smuggled out of Italy dropped by a 50 percent decline.
74 Discouraged by new data that show increases in toxic emissions from domestic factories, searches for alternative investment opportunities are being conducted by shareholders of the nation’s leading manufacturing companies.
75 The biathlon is one of the world’s most demanding sports, it combines the endurance of cross country skiing with the precision of expert marksmanship.
76 The first woman elected to Congress in the United States, many people regard Jeanette Rankin to be a role model because of her committing to peace, as shown by her legislative votes against joining both World Wars.
77 The work of Byron and Shelley, like other poets of their era, explored themes of love and beauty, which gave rise to the school of poetry known as Romanticism.
78 Since 1929, when the global telegraph business peaked, the number of telegrams delivered annually have decreased from 200 million to only 21,000 last year.
79 Because its military is larger and more technologically sophisticated than Japan, the United States shoulders much of the burden for patrolling and protecting the shipping lanes of the West Pacific.
80 Unbiased third-party "clean" teams can protect sensitive data while assessing the business rationale of a deal, helping to develop an integrated business plan, and supporting negotiations.