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81 Though the United States Navy maintains one of the largest fleets in the world, with craft stationed across the globe, they rarely deploy more than half of all available ships at any given time.
82 Recent research has indicated that sustainable weight loss is generally a result not of self-deprivation or adopting an extreme diet, but a healthy lifestyle that integrates a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a long-term approach.
83 The first two albums released by the Isley Brothers, an African-American musical group, pictured white people on their covers, because record executives assumed that white consumers would not purchase albums with pictures of African-American artists on them.
84 The earliest English settlers in Virginia failed to survive their first winter in the New World because of factors such as inadequate food supplies, harsh weather, and an inability to communicate with Native Americans.
85 The division of the day into twenty-four hours, rather than into some other number of periods, are essentially random, and most people can scarcely imagine dividing the day in any other way.
86 The demonstrations in Paris was marred by clashes between police officers and bottle-throwing gangs of youths.
87 Though most paper currency was at one time backed by fixed assets such as gold or silver, it now derives its purchasing power from a declaratory fiat of the issuing government.
88 Created in 1731, the original thermometer by Anders Celsius had a scale where the value of 0 corresponded to the boiling point of water; after he died in 1744 the scale was reversed to its present form.
89 During the summer of 1778, seeking to find alternative explanations for the process of evolution, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck repeated his initial experiment on mollusks once in every 4 weeks but received exactly the same results 3 times in a row.
90 The soap manufacturer conceded that its product may have contributed to the recent outbreak of skin irritation experienced by its consumers and having pulled the product, led to a sharp drop in the company’s share price.