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21 A student committee that must consist of 5 members is to be formed from a pool of 8 candidates. How many different committees are possible?
22 A circus clown is entertaining kids by making balloon animals. The clown can make any one the following animals: giraffe, dog, elephant, or monkey. The clown has five colors of balloons to choose from: red, yellow, blue, green, and purple. If the clown is just as likely to make any one of the animals and choose any one color, what is the probability that the clown will make a purple elephant?
23 S1 = 7S2 = 10...Sn = 3n + 4For the sequence above, in which any term n is defined as 3n + 4, what is the value of n for the first term in the sequence to exceed 50?
24 In a group of 9 children, there are twice as many girls as boys, and twice as many right-handed people as there are left-handed people. If a third of the boys are left-handed, how many girls are right-handed?
25 When Jessica withdrew $200 from her bank account, her account balance decreased by $$\frac{2}{5}$$. If she deposits an amount equal to$$\frac{ 1}{4}$$ of the remaining balance, what will be the final balance in her bank account?
26 A political candidate collected $1,799 from a fund raising dinner. If each supporter contributed at least $60, what is the greatest possible number of contributors at the dinner?
27 If x + y = 17 and x – y = 5, what is the value of xy?
28 Robert's Ice Cream Shop sells ice cream at x cents a scoop. For an additional y cents, a customer can add 3 toppings to his or her sundae. How much would a sundae with 3 scoops and 3 toppings cost, in terms of x and y?
29 Working at a constant rate, a chocolate factory produces 144,000 chocolate truffles per day. If the factory operates 16 hours a day, how many truffles are produced every 5 minutes?
30 A retailer bought a shirt at wholesale and marked it up 80% to its initial retail price of $45. By how many more dollars does he need to increase the price to achieve a 100% markup?
31 Jane and Bob are currently x and 13 years old, respectively, where x is an integer. If Jane is older than Bob, what is the minimum value of x such that the sum of Jane's and Bob's ages has a units digit that is greater than the units digit of Bob's age?
32 If Renee earns a raise of between 5% and 10%, non-inclusive, by what fraction could her salary have increased?
33 Joe needs to paint all the airplane hangars at the airport, so he buys 360 gallons of paint to do the job. During the first week, he uses 1/4 of all the paint. During the second week, he uses 1/5 of the remaining paint. How many gallons of paint has Joe used?
34 Jolene entered an 18-month investment contract that guarantees to pay 2 percent interest at the end of 6 months, another 3 percent interest at the end of 12 months, and 4 percent interest at the end of the 18 month contract. If each interest payment is reinvested in the contract, and Jolene invested $10,000 initially, what will be the total amount of interest paid during the 18-month contract?
35 If (2x – 6)(x + 1) = 0 and (x + 1/2)(2x + 2) = 0, then x =
36 On Sunday, Bill ran 4 more miles than he ran on Saturday. Julia did not run on Saturday, but she ran twice the number of miles on Sunday that Bill ran on Sunday. If Bill and Julia ran a total of 24 miles on Saturday and Sunday, how many miles did Bill run on Sunday?
37 Last year, Company X made q dollars in profit. Half of the profit went to the company’s founder. The rest was split evenly among his four other partners. In terms of q, how much did each of the other partners receive?
38 In a certain fishery that contains only speckled and rainbow trout, the number of male speckled trout is 45 more than twice the number of female speckled trout. 645 total speckled trout live in the fishery. If the ratio of female speckled trout to male rainbow trout is 4:3 and there are 1000 total trout in the fishery, how many female rainbow trout are there?
39 Laura took out a charge account at the General Store and agreed to pay 6% simple annual interest. If she charges $35 on her account in January, how much will she owe a year later, assuming she does not make any additional charges or payments?
40 If the price of a certain stock increased by $$\frac{1}{5}$$ during the first month and then decreased by $$\frac{1}{4}$$ during the second month, what was the ratio of the stock price at the end of the two months to the original price?