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61 Gary’s Gas Station serves an average of 20 cars per hour on Saturdays, 10 cars per hour on Sundays, and 9 cars per hour on all other days of the week. If the station is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day, how many cars does Gary’s station serve over the course of a typical week?
62 A marketing survey of Anytown found that the ratio of trucks to sedans to motorcycles was 3:7:2, respectively. Given that there are 12,600 sedans in Anytown, how many motorcycles are there?
63 Jennifer has 60 dollars more than Brian. If she were to give Brian 1/5 of her money, Brian would have 25% less than the amount that Jennifer would then have. How much money does Jennifer have?
64 How many of the integers between 40 and 100, inclusive, are even?
65 Which of the following is equal to 37.5% of 22.4?
66 If positive integer n is divisible by both 4 and 21, then n must be divisible by which of the following?
67 Set S contains exactly 10 numbers and has an average (arithmetic mean) of 6.2. If one of the numbers in Set S is increased by 5, while all other numbers remain the same, what is the new average of Set S?
68 S and T are two-digit positive integers that have the same digits but in reverse order. If the positive difference between S and T is less than 40, what is the greatest possible value of S minus T?
69 If r and p are two different prime numbers, which of the following is the smallest possible value of r + p?
70 Of the films Empty Set Studios released last year, 60% were comedies and the rest were horror films. 75% of the comedies were profitable, but 75% of the horror movies were unprofitable. If the studio made a total of 40 films, and broke even on none of them, how many of their films were profitable?
71 If the line y = 2x + b has an x-intercept of 6, then b =
72 A data set with a mean of 60 has a standard deviation of 3.5. Which of the following is the smallest number that falls within one standard deviation of the mean?
73 A shirt goes on sale for 80% of its original price. One week later, the sale price is marked down 10%. The final price is what percent of the original price?
74 If, 5 years ago, Jamie was half as old as he is now, how old will he be in x years?
75 Barry walks from one end to the other of a 30-meter long moving walkway at a constant rate in 30 seconds, assisted by the walkway. When he reaches the end, he reverses direction and continues walking with the same speed, but this time it takes him 120 seconds because he is traveling against the direction of the moving walkway. If the walkway were to stop moving, how many seconds would it take Barry to walk from one end of the walkway to the other?
76 Set S consists of integers 7, 8, 10, 12, and 13. If integer n is included in the set, the average (arithmetic mean) of set S will increase by 20%. What is the value of integer n?
77 If n is an integer, f(n) = f(n – 1) – n, and f(4) = 10. What is the value of f(6)?
78 The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of a certain item is $60. Store A sells the item for 20 percent more than the MSRP. The regular price of the item at Store B is 30 percent more than the MSRP, but the item is currently on sale for 10 percent less than the regular price. If sales tax is 5 percent of the purchase price at both stores, how much more will someone pay in sales tax to purchase the item at Store A?
79 At 10:00 a.m., Peter begins traveling on a certain bike path from Riverdale at a constant rate of 10 mph. If, at 2:00 p.m., John begins traveling from Riverdale on the same path at a constant rate of 15 mph, at what time will he catch up to Peter?
80 The 7th grade French and Spanish classes each have 15 students in them, and there are five students in the 7th grade taking both languages. If everyone in the 7th grade is in at least one of the two language classes, how many students are taking just one of the two classes?