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21 Thoreau stood by his principles and, going to jail, instead of paying taxes supporting the Mexican-American War that he felt was unjust.
22 The CEO attributed the relative success of Framingham Corporation to both their traditional values and to the CFO's innovative reorganization of the divisional income scheme.
23 With a global team of analysts studying every move of the Asian market, Boisin Capital, prepared each morning for that day's major market trends that its accuracy on predicting an "up" or "down" day in the Western Markets is higher than 98%.
24 Minerva Consulting has a budget about the same as the largest consulting firms in the state, like Cost Stonehouse or McKidney's, but only twenty four in workforce, all of whom have advanced degrees.
25 Perennially the world's leader in tea production, China's fascination in tea has deep historical roots, as exemplified with the tea ceremony, which has analogs in Japan and Korea.
26 The Book of Kells, an illumination of the four gospels produced in eighth century Ireland, a demonstration of what many consider the pinnacle of Celtic knotwork art and incorporating such foreign pigments like indigo from India and lapis lazuli from Afghanistan.
27 Adolphe Menjou, known for being the "most well-dressed man in America" for many years, starring in many movies as an impeccably dressed professional, and, accordingly, he entitled his autobiography "It Took Nine Tailors."
28 Company policy restricts employees to, at most, three personal days in a month, and even less if the number of Fridays in the month is more than four.
29 China currently operates the world's second largest economy, and they have the fastest growth rate compared to that of the world's major economies.
30 Balancing the need for sufficient food supplies with what constitutes a manageable load to carry was undoubtedly a concern at times for many ancient hunters and gatherers, like that for modern long-distance backpackers.
31 Darwin's idea dethroned humans from their supposed unique place compared with biological entities, likewise, with Freud's ideas subordinating the conscious subject to much more powerful forces of the Unconscious.
32 Although decisive victories at Midway and in the Guadalcanal campaign had raised hopes against Japan for a readily attainable Allied victory, the fierce battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa forced the conclusion that defeating the Japanese home islands would be neither quick nor easy.
33 In his nearly three decades as the Premier of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Enlai set in motion processes that had a major impact on U.S.-China relations: China entered the Korean War against the United States, at Zhou's urging, and two decades later, because of Zhou's organizing, China normalized their diplomatic connections with the US when Nixon visited.
34 The Fifth Lateran Council (1512-1517), convened at a time of tremendous theological and political controversy against the Catholic Church, had only recommended a few reforms and failed in implementing even these, although it is unclear if they would have avoided the Protestant Reformation even if they had done them.
35 Supply-side economics believes in the national economy growing most vigorously both through reducing taxes, especially taxes affecting large movements of capital, and by the elimination of the regulations that prevent business from performing optimally.
36 Senator Baxter's suggestion of the United States being able to cut all dependence on foreign oil by 2025 raised great controversy in the press.
37 The Battle of Antietam, on September 17, 1862 between Lee's Confederates and the Army of the Potomac under McClellan, ranks as the bloodiest single-day battle in American history, with almost 23,000 casualties from the two sides.
38 In order to qualify for the Mircoline Bus driver application process, an individual must have no moving traffic violations, felonies, and anything else that indicates unreliability.
39 Even-toed ungulates, including pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep, and odd-toed ungulates, such as horses and donkeys, account for all the mammals domesticated for agricultural purposes.
40 While many people believe either lead or gold is the densest naturally occurring element, osmium, due to a pattern of density among the elements, holds this distinction, and they call it "Lathanide contraction."