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61 Beethoven's Eighth Symphony, a shorter and denser work than the Seventh Symphony, and when Czerny asked why it was less popular than the Seventh, he gruffly replied, "Because the Eighth is so much better!"
62 Dostoevsky, whose novels plumbed highly philosophical themes, Nietzsche had a background in classical philology that gave him a unique perspective toward the Western Philosophical tradition, and the Danish Christian writer Kierkegaard were considered the founders of Existentialism.
63 After a dip caused by Congressional bickering, many growth stocks are returning to their previous levels, but some, hampered by a general stagnancy in the economy, is returning with a speed that is less than they would expect.
64 In the history of Major League Baseball, the hitters that have career batting averages that are the highest also have correspondingly high on-base percentages.
65 Had the United States allowed the California Republic to remain independent after the Bear Flag Revolt rather than annexing it with military force, this "California nation" might have become the wealthiest nation in North America.
66 The Atlantic Ocean, the second youngest of Earth's five oceans, originated 130 million years ago when the Americas separated from Africa and, as Earth's plates continue to move, has been expanding ever since.
67 Dorn Consulting handles much more sophisticated issues than comparable consulting firms, and they have less percentage of employees with advanced degrees.
68 In certain regions of its orbit, Pluto has a distance to the Sun smaller than the radius of Neptune's orbit, but collision with Neptune is impossible, because Pluto also has a highly inclined orbit which carried it as much as eight hundred million miles above the plane of Neptune's orbit in this "possible collision" region.
69 Vendacraft's announcement of a partnership with Cupric Thunder raised expectations that they will be able to release the next generation of kitchen appliances before their competitors can do so.
70 Every elemental metal, including the Lanthanides and radioactive Actinides, have the ability to combine with oxygen to form an oxide.
71 Every US state has two senators, but the amount of representatives that all states have depends on their population.
72 The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment (1868) had been originally adopted in order that blacks in the post-Civil War South be given the full benefit of citizenship, but over the past century and a half they are expanding it to include all categories of civil rights.
73 The volume of Lake Superior, the largest lake in North America, is less than half of Lake Baikal.
74 The Epsilon Corporation, having 14 divisions each with at least 100 full-time employees, exemplify the kind of complexity that frustrate the consultants trying to help them.
75 Garibaldi captured Rome in 1870, in the final step in Italian Reunification, and as a consequence, the Vatican had ceased holding an army and had become a purely religious institution.
76 In the spring of 1778, the Continental Army installed a "great chain" across the Hudson River, at West Point, in order to prevent British ships to navigate into the vulnerable regions to the north.
77 Punctuated equilibrium is a biological theory that regards evolution not as a gradual process by which one species slowly and continuously transforms into another, rather a process in which species were remaining stable for long periods and then have dramatic change in isolated short bursts.
78 Since Senator Johnston revised the estate tax code in a way that allows grandchildren living outside the United States to claim special exemptions, many of them moving abroad with the expectation of a large inheritance.
79 The candidate, fresh from a series of primary victories, not only promised to incorporate several popular ideas from her defeated opponents, including some she criticized at the beginning of the campaign, but to include her two principal opponents in her cabinet, if she won the upcoming general election.
80 The Moon is Blue (1953), which was known at the time by its sexually explicit dialogue and the controversy provoked, had been regarded as a tame PG-13 movie by today’s standards.