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41 The relief organization, after two years of fieldwork in Brazil, published a report that demonstrated that as much as one out of eight children live on the streets in conditions of complete poverty.
42 The Phlogiston theory attempted to explain combustion in terms of the release of a "heat substance" from the burning material, but that theory was inconsistent with the increase in mass of the oxides resulting from combustion.
43 The Atlantic Ocean, formed when Europe split away from America 130 million years ago and that is still expanding today, will be Earth's largest ocean at some point in the distant future.
44 The impasse that resulted in the late 19th century from the incompatibilities of electromagnetism with Newtonian physics were so great as to require the astonishing imagination of Einstein to formulate a new framework which challenged conventional notions of space and time even today.
45 The consultant team advised the insurance company that, in order to remain profitable through the upcoming decade, it had to diversify its long-term equity holdings, streamline its now labyrinthine claims processing systems, and to balance the added liability of senior citizens living longer by changing its premium structure.
46 With American cryptanalysts breaking the Japanese code, the Japanese Imperial Fleet losing the strategic element of surprise at Midway, which allowed the American Fleet to ambush the Japanese and win a decisive victory.
47 Just as the ancient Celtic stories of Arthur had a relationship to Malory's Le Morte d’Arthur, then the Muslim tales of the Prophet's Mi'raj were to Dante's Divine Comedy.
48 The Coriolis Effect is responsible for the apparent forces that turn ocean currents and storm systems clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere, but what is appearing as a force is just the inertia of the matter that obeys Conservation of Angular Momentum.
49 The largest trade deficit on Earth of any country is that of the United States, with other nations, such as China and Japan, consequently holding stores of US dollars increasing each year.
50 Like the cult status of Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), Ridley Scott's Blade Runner (1982) was all but ignored on its initial release, only to become a long-term blockbuster because of its devoted fan base.
51 All of the university`s faculty is appalled by the decision to hire as university president the senator censured for influence peddling, but some are willing to extend for him a civil welcome.
52 Ancient Celtic legend holds that the mythical figure of Arthur was at one time king of all of England and, in some future time of need, will arise as king again.
53 The nucleus of a hydrogen atom has contained over 99.9% of the mass of the atom, but only has occupied 1/10,000 of the atom's volume.
54 The vice-president of engineering argued that the biggest advantage of the proposed alloy for the designs of the new fuselage would lay in not its unusually light weight but in its superior resistance to the corrosive influence of the elements.
55 Direct democratic governance, exemplifying not the United States' Electoral College but most of the systems of Western European nations, has its roots in the innovative system of ancient Athens.
56 From a cache of burnt bones, including bone tools, found in South Africa, Homo erectus had estimated control of fire 700,000 years ago, although other hominid groups might have even mastered fire earlier.
57 Snow leopards live in the snow-capped mountain ranges of Central Asia, from eastern Iran all the way to Nepal and China, and in some of the higher alpine regions prey, like Himalayan Blue Sheep, is sometimes of such scarcity so that in a range of 1,000 square kilometers of territory support only five adult snow leopards.
58 Peyer's patches, located in the lowest portion of the small intestine, are regions of lymphatic tissue in the intestinal wall that identify antigens within the intestine and facilitate the immune response to them.
59 During the Hundred Days conflict, the Royal British Navy blockaded all the ports of France, and also prevented Napoleon to escape to North America after his defeat at Waterloo.
60 The twenty-four biochemical labs in the state all compete for shares of the same government allotment, and so all strive to present their case for funding more successfully than each other.