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121 Einstein's Theory of Relativity says that the fundamental laws of the spacetime continuum prohibit any object having mass to go at a speed as faster than the speed of light.
122 George Clinton, the governor of New York for many years, served as Vice President under Thomas Jefferson, and again under James Madison, to become only one of two men to serve as Vice-President under two different US Presidents.
123 Those who fault the intrusion of amateurs into areas requiring serious scholarship often cite as an example Heinrich Schliemann, a wealthy German businessman with an obsession in antiquity, who unwittingly destroyed the very artifacts he had been hoping to unearth, deploying fifteen sticks of dynamite in the substratum containing relics of ancient Troy.
124 Quintus Horatius Flaccus (65 – 8 BCE), known in the English-speaking world as "Horace", was a contemporary of Virgil and the preeminent lyrical poet of the Augustan age; his poems were known as the "common currency of civilization" because they were so widely read and quoted, and over the past two millennia have had a much greater influence than any poet from ancient Rome.
125 While the Senate of the Roman Republic did not have the power to enact laws, their decrees generally were obeyed like law, and through them they exercised considerable influence.
126 Because of Elnath Industries posting a second consecutive quarter of losses, its stocks tumbled 20% in the last three days.
127 In contrast to the high value the Hopi Native Americans placed on retaining their ancestral lands, Nez Perce Native Americans left their lands and fled over 100 miles, fighting the US Army several times along the way, in an unsuccessful bid for freedom.
128 The film professor said he regarded Leni Riefenstahl more like a pioneer of cinematographic aesthetics instead of being a Nazi propagandist.
129 By the late 1960s, the rising number of American casualties in Vietnam and the 1968 Tet Offensive, the Viet Cong's coordinated surprise attack on American installations throughout the whole of Vietnam, suggested that Vietnam was an ultimately unwinnable situation for the United States.
130 Compared to Bach's astonishing output of music each year over his relatively long life, Brahms, ever the perfectionist, destroyed many of his compositions and only published those few that met his high standards.
131 At the state beach, deaths due to drowning have increased by 35% this year, not because of fewer lifeguards but because of dramatic changes in ocean currents.
132 The board of trustees, worried about the Neith corporation's rising debts, instructed Neith's CEO to not only downsize significantly, to lay off over 5000 employees around the country, but terminating as well the Neith's relationship with Arachne Unlimited, who in the past year were draining valuable funds from the Neith.
133 Shakespeare's poetry, which not only includes 154 sonnets but four narrative poems as well, are generally given less attention than they give his plays.
134 With Arcsun Corporation announcing their new home video system, Playlite has to upgrade their systems to compete with them.
135 The melting of world glaciers, measured consistently from the early 1990s until the present, seems like it is corroborative that average global temperatures are inexorably rising.
136 When the reporter asked about the status of the budget, the governor said that, at that very moment, his team is fashioning a compromise and will deliver it to the senate offices by later that afternoon.
137 Geophysically, Eurasia is Earth's largest landmass, and their tallest peaks, the Himalayas, are the highest corresponding mountains on Earth.
138 In the revolutionary Scattering Experiment of 1911, in which alpha particles were shot at a thin gold fold, Rutherford, concluding that since most of the alpha particles passed through without deflecting, then most of the volume of the atom was empty space.
139 Although Johannes Brahms lived longer than Beethoven, his collected works include only four symphonies, five fewer than those of Beethoven.
140 Compared to high school students, who readily understand the numerous theorems of Geometry, most of the theorems of Number Theory are sophisticated, with those with advanced degrees in mathematics only understanding them.