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161 The company is fortunate to have excellent relationships among its employees: they each have a relationship of respect for all the others.
162 Ernst Haeckel held the individual development of biological organisms, from embryos to adult forms, to have passed through all the previous evolutionary stages from single cell organism to its species.
163 Almost all motor vehicles on the road have a suspension system, that provides a smooth ride by allowing the road surface to have irregularities.
164 Cosimo de' Medici, a great patron of the arts, sponsoring two of Donatello's most famous works, statues of David and Judith, while supporting Brunelleschi to complete the dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which is known to be "Duomo.“
165 It is more effective for the union as a group to address a grievance to management than for multiple individual employees to do so.
166 In a typical relay race, the baton is passed from one runner to the next on the same team, and each team wants its last runner to finish before any other team's can do so.
167 Two-time Presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan, known to oppose evolution on religious grounds, became the star witness for the prosecution in the Scopes Trials.
168 The people of the ancient Near East believed that the Earth's dry land first appeared when the Creator has separated the "water above" from the "water below," and that there is another ocean in the sky, above the firmament.
169 Inaugurating the Romantic movement with its publication in 1798, the authors of the Lyrical Ballads were Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, who would later be named Britain's Poet Laureate.
170 Cognitive psychologists focused on learning and retention have found students who constantly review material actually retain less information than those who review in such a way that the material seems somewhat fresh instead of over-rehearsed, and they tend to overlook the more holistic aspects of the material.
171 The candidate spent a significant time in the South, preaching a strong message of family values, lest he lose the vote in those states.
172 Since the beginning of the year, the community medical clinic verified rigorously the potency of each flu vaccine sample, lest any of its patients are vulnerable to the flu.
173 Maintaining that, in adhering to a stream-of-consciousness style, Virginia Woolf was forced to sacrifice unity and cohesion, overlooks how she meticulously planned each page so that every sentence conformed to an ultimate conception she had before even writing the first page.
174 The state of Maine, in the extreme northeast corner of the continental United States, shares land borders with two Canadian provinces, Quebec and New Brunswick, but only is adjacent with one state, New Hampshire.
175 In the United States, a jury consists either of six citizens, in a civil case, or the twelve required by a criminal case.
176 Even when the price of a stock is range-bound for several months, the volatility of its price within that range can swell the call option premium: the more the price of the stock moves, then the price of the stock's call options will be higher as a result.
177 Until the time of Cantor's work on set theory in the 1870s, no serious mathematician anywhere in the world, even the giants in the field, like Leonard Euler and Karl Gauss, were able to appreciate that infinity can be studied with rigorous precision.
178 While Columbus is generally cited as the European who "discovered" America, thinking that he was in East Asia, and it was Amerigo Vespucci correctly deducing that the New World was a landmass previously unknown to the Europeans.
179 The income categories of Senator Crocker’s proposed tax code are as broad as to fail to distinguish the sale of an old chair at a pawnshop from collecting profits in a sophisticated stock option move.
180 The political motivation behind the Livonian Crusade was not so much to convert to Christianity the last non-Christian people in Europe, and also for establishing control over the commerce of the entire Baltic region.