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1 If k and y are integers, and 10k + y is odd, which of the following must be true?
2 If x represents the sum of the interior angles of a regular hexagon and y represents the sum of the interior angles of a regular pentagon, then the difference between x and y is equal to the sum of the interior angles of what geometric shape?
3 What is the area of a circle with circumference 14$$\pi$$?
4 If 5a = 3b = 25, then 30ab =
5 What is the average of $$\frac{1}{2}, \frac{2}{5} and\frac{ 3}{10}$$?
6 A department store put a shirt on sale at 20% off the original price. When it didn't sell, it was put into the clearance sale bin at an additional 20% off the sale price. What is the total percentage discount on the price of the shirt after the two price reductions?
7 A certain company has budgeted $1,440 for entertainment expenses for the year, divided into 12 equal monthly allocations. If by the end of the third month, the total amount spent on entertainment was $300, how much was the company under budget or over budget?
8 A certain realtor earns a 6 percent commission on any home that he sells, and he must pay 20 percent of the that commission in taxes. If the realtor sells a home for $750,000, how much commission does he earn after taxes?
9 The shaded face of Cube C, shown here, has an area of 49 square inches. What is the volume of Cube C in cubic inches?GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
10 If n divided by 7 has a remainder of 2, what is the remainder when 3 times n is divided by 7?
11 What is$$\frac{3}{5} of \frac{5}{8} of \frac{2}{3}?$$
12 Given that a is the average (arithmetic mean) of the first nine positive multiples of six and b is the median of the first twelve positive multiples of six, what is the ratio of a to b?
13 A certain bus driver is paid a regular rate of $16 per hour for any number of hours that does not exceed 40 hours per week. For any overtime hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week, the bus driver is paid a rate that is 75% higher than his regular rate. If last week the bus driver earned $976 in total compensation, how many total hours did he work that week?
14 Of the 120 passengers on Flight 750, 50% are female. 10% of the passengers sit in first class, and the rest of the passengers sit in coach class. If 1/3 of the passengers in first class are male, how many females are there in coach class?
15 The number of passengers on a certain bus at any given time is given by the equation$$ P = –2{( S – 4)}^{ 2} + 32$$, where P is the number of passengers and S is the number of stops the bus has made since beginning its route. If the bus begins its route with no passengers, what is the value of S when the bus has its greatest number of passengers?
16 Store X sold$$\frac{ 1}{6}$$ more television sets in March than in February, and in February, it sold 3/8 fewer television sets than in January. If the store sold 480 television sets in January, how many sets were sold in March?
17 If x is an integer, then x(x – 1)(x – k) must be evenly divisible by three when k is any of the following values EXCEPT
18 Which of the following points could lie in the same quadrant of the xy-coordinate plane as the point (a, b), where $$ab \neq 0$$ ?
19 8 – [7 – (6 – 5 × 4 + 3) – 2 + 1] =
20 Exactly one year ago, Ray put his money into a savings account that yields 0.8% simple interest. If he has earned a profit of $28, how much did he originally deposit?