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41 According to the passage, which of the following is common to both Peavy’s and Morgan’s studies?
42 Based on information in the passage, if a follow-up study had been conducted in which those with caffeine sensitivities were removed, such a study would most likely
43 In describing the range of negative reactions of subjects with caffeine sensitivities, the author implies that
44 According to the passage, the observed results of the study are not inconsistent with the fact that any number of subjects could exhibit caffeine sensitivities because
45 According to the passage, the long-billed shorebird is expected to be more likely than the short-billed shorebird to have trouble migrating because
46 The most immediate effect on birds that have accumulated toxins in their fat deposits is
47 According to the passage, the author implies that foreign ecosystems have which potential effect on shorebirds?
48 It can be most reasonably inferred that those on the side of the debate endorsing standard medical trials are likely to believe which of the following?
49 The author’s suggestion that the kind of trials that Gimley and Lebsmith endorse “will encourage a culture of experimentation” assumes that
50 What is the primary purpose of this passage?
51 Which of the hypothetical trials best parallels a shortcoming in clinical trials as described by Gimley and Lebsmith?
52 According to the author, which of the following would have made Malley and Jemson’s case more compelling?
53 The primary purpose of the passage is to
54 Which of the following best describes the primary contrast between the work of Malley and Jemson and that of Camden and Greely?
55 Which of the following can be inferred regarding those who only focus on the role of women in countries under colonial rule?
56 According to the passage, it can most likely be inferred that iridium
57 The Alvarezes concluded that a meteorite was responsible for a mass extinction because
58 Proponents of the uniformitarian view would most likely argue that
59 It can be inferred from the passage that had the scaglia rossa not exhibited a certain geological property then which of the following would most likely have been true?
60 The primary purpose of the passage is to