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101 The primary purpose of this passage is to
102 The passage implies which of the following?
103 According to the passage, the likelihood that “dams in arid areas also may face increased sedimentation” will most likely result from
104 The author most likely mentioned the F-minor String Quartet, Op. 95 in order to
105 Which of the following is the purpose of the first sentence of the second paragraph?
106 The primary purpose of this passage is
107 The author suggests that at least some of “a number of difficult problems...” can be understood by
108 It can be most reasonably inferred that which of the following accounts for the lack of a geological record concerning the history of impacts on the planets?
109 The primary purpose of the passage is to
110 The contention that Arthur was a mythological figure who had been historicized by being included in accounts of real events is most consistent with which of the following?
111 The primary purpose of the passage is to
112 According to the author of the passage, John Morris, while expressing little to no skepticism towards the historical Arthur, lends little support to the case of a historical Arthur because he
113 According to the passage, all of the following are factors that argue against the existence of a historical Arthur EXCEPT?
114 Constitutional scholars of both the traditionalist and liberal views would agree that "Ninth Amendment rights"
115 The passage provides support for which of the following?
116 According to the passage, what would the Ninth Amendment imply about a "right to a trial by jury," explicitly guaranteed in the Seventh Amendment of the US Constitution?
117 The passage implies all of the following about the Savings and Loan Crisis EXCEPT which of the following?
118 Which of the following does the author imply about Beethoven's Eighth Symphony?
119 The author implies which of the following is a characteristic of "classicism"?
120 The passage provides support for which of the following?