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81 According to the passage, Charles Mackay believed which of the following about the “tulip mania” that engulfed Holland in the 17th century?
82 The author of the passage believes that an economic bubble occurs when
83 The function of the last paragraph is to
84 The passage details the habits of the desert lizard in order to
85 The author implies that, in the desert lizard, the advantages in some forms of social interaction
86 The passages suggests that reptiles and amphibians are able to
87 The reason that graphs of asteroid rotation rates lack the expected statistical tail associated with high rotational rates is that
88 How would the author of the passage most likely respond to the assertion of another scientist claiming that a crater greater than the radius of an asteroid is a result of an impact?
89 The example of the sandcastle (in the second paragraph) serves to
90 The primary purpose of the passage is to
91 The passage mentioned the Biblical idea of Noah's Flood in order to
92 The author implies which of the following about Geology as a science?
93 All of the following would help support Turcotte’s contention that Venus' geology is quite different from every other geological entity in the solar system EXCEPT
94 The author is primarily concerned with:
95 What distinguishes the commentaries on the Jiuzhang Suanshu from almost all other works of Chinese mathematical history is that the authors of the former
96 The author implies all of the following except:
97 Which of the following, if true, best calls into question the validity of Gershin’s findings regarding the effect of social media tools in the workplace?
98 According to Meyers and Tassleman, social media tools tend to be less effective the larger the company because
99 The primary purpose of the passage is to
100 The passage mentioned the "unprecedented building boom" of the late 1970s and early 1980s in order to