其中,SC部分共有 120 题。


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1 According to the passage, one reason a reptile may not be able to maintain activity at a suboptimal temperature is
2 It can be inferred from the passage that the metabolic costs of an activity during the middle of the day are
3 The passage mentions the leatherback turtle in order to illustrate that
4 Schumaker originally conceived of the rubble hypothesis because he surmised that
5 Scientists originally believed that asteroids lacked regolith because
6 According to the passage, which of the following best accounts for the fact that the rubble pile hypothesis is, at least initially, “conceptually troublesome”?
7 According to the rubble-pile hypothesis, an advantage conferred on an asteroid held together by weak forces is that it is
8 The author of the passage would disagree with which of the following?
9 It can be inferred that, compared to the United States, Japan spent less on
10 Based on information in the passage, it can be inferred that the author believes that countries similar to the United States in terms of environmental policy
11 The author implies that a country described as a “tortoise” is more likely to favor
12 The theory offered in the second paragraph differs most from Miller’s theory in regards to the
13 According to the passage, an arctic curlew suffering navigational issues is most consistent with which of the following?
14 Which of the following is the primary purpose of the passage?
15 According to the passage, the idea that children learn language only through a process of imitation has been called into question because
16 The primary purpose of the passage is to
17 By saying, “they could not have learned these forms by a process of imitation” the author is implying that
18 The passage implies that the empiricists believe that the way humans go about ordering color is arbitrary because
19 The idea that the order in which humans name colors follows a fixed pattern is most consistent with which of the following?
20 Which of the following is NOT an assumption that Gall makes regarding the relation between a person’s aptitude and personality traits, and that person’s brain?