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181 Given that x $$\neq$$ 0, y $$\neq$$ 0, and (x+y) $$\neq$$ 0, is $$\frac{y}{x}$$ $$\gt$$ $${y}\over{x+y}$$?Statement #1: x > –1Statement #2: y > –1
182 In nine independent trials, what is the probability that Outcome A happens at least once?Statement #1: The probability that Outcome A does not happen even once in any of the nine trials is 0.026Statement #2: the probability of Outcome A in a single trial is $$\frac{1}{3}$$
183 If$${{w}\over{x+y}}=1$$ , what is the value of$${x+y}\over{y}$$ ?(1) $$\frac{x}{y}$$ = $$\frac{3}{2}$$(2) $$\frac{y}{w}$$ = $$\frac{2}{5}$$
184 Is quadrilateral ABCD a square?(1) AB = BC = CD = DA(2) AC = BDGMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
185 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分 plane. Does line L pass through the Quadrant II? Statement #1: Line L has a positive slopeStatement #2: At its closest approach, Line L is never closer than 3 units to the origin.
186 If A is an integer, what is the value of A?Statement #1: 1,000,000 < $$23^A$$ < 10,000,000Statement #2:$${7^{A+2}-7^A\over{48}}=7^A$$
187 Is a positive?Statement #1:$$ a^6 < a$$Statement #2: $$a^5 < a$$
188 A box contains red and blue balls only. If there are 8 balls in total, how many red balls are in the box?(1) If two balls are randomly selected without replacement, the probability that both balls are red is $$\frac{5}{14}$$(2) If two balls are randomly selected without replacement, the probability is $$\frac{15}{56}$$ that the first ball is red and the second ball is blue.
189 $$x^n + x^n + x^n = x^{n+1}$$What is the value of n?Statement #1:$$x^n=9\sqrt3$$ Statement #2: x = 3
190 In a certain class, the ratio of girls to boys is 5:4. How many girls are there?Statement #1: If four new boys joined the class, the number of boys would increase by 20%.Statement #2: If the number of girls increases by 50%, then after such an increase, the probability that a randomly chosen student would be a boy would be$$\frac {8}{23}$$
191 If x and y are positive integers, is x - y > $${x+y}\over{2}$$ ?(1) y < x(2) x < 2y
192 Is x > 0?(1) $$({x+y})^2$$ < $$({x-y})^2$$(2) x + y < x - y
193 Given that x $$\neq$$ 0, is $$\sqrt[3]{x}\gt\sqrt[5]{x}$$?Statement #1: x < 1Statement #2: x > –1
194 Is x < y ?(1) y =$$x^{-3}$$(2) x < 0
195 If$$\sqrt{k}$$ is not an integer, then is K a prime number?Statement #1: K < 10Statement #2: K < 5
196 If line k in the xy–coordinate plane has slope$$\frac {-3}{2}$$, does line k pass through the point (12, -13)?(1) The point (6, -2) lies on line k.(2) The point (2, 4) lies on line k.
197 What is the value of x?(1) w + y = 118(2) 2y - w = 56GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
198 A group of N students will be randomly seated in a row of N chairs. What is the probability that Beth, one of the students, will be at the extreme right-hand end of the row?Statement #1: N is an odd prime numberStatement #2: the probability that Steve, another one of the students, is at the extreme left-hand end of the row is$$\frac{1}{13}$$
199 Given that x $$\neq$$5, is $$x\gt{{1}\over({x-5})^2}?$$Statement #1: x > 0Statement #2: x > 10
200 What is the value of x?(1) $$\sqrt{x^4}=9$$(2) $$\sqrt{x^2}=-x$$