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61 The ratio of males to females in a particular school is 4:5. How many male students are there? Statement #1: If the number of girls increased by 20%, then males would constitute 40% of this larger student body.Statement #2: If 10 more male students joined the school, the new ratio of males to females would be 9:10.
62 Is x divisible by 12?(1) x is divisible by 27.(2) x is divisible by 6.
63 Is x > y?(1) -4x + 2y < y - 3x(2) wx > wy
64 If a child is randomly selected from Columbus elementary school, what is the probability that the child will be a boy?(1) If 25 boys are removed from the school, the probability of selecting a boy will be 0.75(2) There are 35 more boys than there are girls
65 If k = 13.abc6 where a, b and c each represent a digit, what is the value of b?(1) The value k rounded to the nearest hundredth is 13.54(2) The value k rounded to the nearest thousandth is 13.539
66 At the beginning of January 2003, Lisa invested $10,000 in an account that collected interest, compounding monthly. Assume the annual percentage rate of interest remained constant. She withdrew the money, with interest, at the end of December, 2008. What was the annual percentage of interest paid on this account?Statement #1: Lisa earned $61.83 in interest in November, 2003.Statement #2: At the end of December, 2008, Lisa had gained a total of $4176.25 in interest.
67 If a light bulb is selected at random from a shipment, what is the probability that the light bulb is defective?(1) The ratio of the number of defective light bulbs to the number of nondefective light bulbs is 1 to 60.(2) The shipment contains 720 light bulbs.
68 By abc we denote a three digit number with digits a, b, and c. Is abc divisible by 3?Statement #1: The product of (a) times (b) is a number divisible by 3Statement #2: c = 3
69 At a certain high school, there are three sports: baseball, basketball, and football. Some athletes at this school play two of these three, but no athlete plays in all three. At this school, the ratio of (all baseball players) to (all basketball players) to (all football players) is 15:12:8. How many athletes at this school play baseball?Statement #1: 40 athletes play both baseball and football, and 75 play football only and no other sportStatement #2: 60 athletes play only baseball and no other sport
70 What is the value of x?(1) |6 - 3x| = x - 2(2) |5x + 3| = 2x + 9
71 In an election for class president, each of 32 students voted for exactly one candidate, Ann, Bob or Carl. Did Bob receive the most votes?(1) Bob received 9 votes.(2) Carl received 13 votes.
72 If w, x and y are integers such that w < x < y, are w, x and y consecutive integers?(1) y - w = 2(2) The average (arithmetic mean) of w, x and y is x
73 For a certain concert, the price of balcony tickets was exactly half the price of orchestra tickets. The ratio of balcony to orchestra tickets sold was 3:2. What was the price of one orchestra ticket?Statement #1: the total revenue taken in from tickets of both kinds was $4200Statement #2: the difference between the number of orchestra tickets sold and the number of balcony tickets sold was 40
74 Is c the median of a, b and c?(1) b - c = a(2) c = a
75 If x and y are positive, is the ratio of x to y greater than 3?(1) The ratio of 2x to 3y is greater than 2.(2) x is 2 more than y times 3.
76 Peter went to the store to buy paint. Small cans cost $30 and larger cans cost $80. How many small cans of paint did he buy?Statement #1: Peter spent $220 on paint.Statement #2: Peter bought four cans of paint in total.
77 For a sale, the original retail price of a particular shirt and the original retail price of a particular hat were both reduced by 20 percent. The sale price of the hat is how many dollars more than the sale price of the shirt?(1) The original retail price of the hat was 10 dollars more than the original retail price of the shirt.(2) The original retail price of the hat was 50 percent greater than the original retail price of the shirt.
78 What percent of Gigacorp’s 80 female employees are college graduates?(1) Gigacorp has 20 male employees.(2) 30 percent of Gigacorp’s employees are college graduates.
79 If Ed’s annual salary is $360,000 what is Rick’s annual salary?(1) The sum of Rick’s annual salary and Jim’s annual salary is equal to Ed’s annual salary.(2) The sum of Rick’s annual salary and Ed’s annual salary is equal to twice Jim’s annual salary.
80 GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分Points P, Q, R, S, and T all lie on the same line. The larger circle has center S and passes through P and T. The smaller circle has center R andpasses through Q and S. What is the ratio of the area of the larger circle to the area of the smaller circle?Statement #1: ST:PQ = $$\frac{5}{2}$$Statement #2: RT:PR = $$\frac{13}{7}$$