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41 Is x > 5?(1) x < 6(2) x < 4
42 Working together, Machine A and Machine B can produce a total of 200 widgets in 4 hours. How many hours would it take Machine A, working alone, to produce 200 widgets?(1) Working alone, Machine B takes 5 hours to produce 50 widgets.(2) Machine A can produce 4 widgets in the same amount of time it takes Machine B to produce 1 widget.
43 What is the value of x?Statement #1: 6x – 14y = 10Statement #2: 21y = 9x – 15
44 If the ratio of w to x to y is 1 : 2 : 3, what is the value of w + x?(1) x - w = 5(2) 3y - 2w = 35
45 If x and y are positive integers, is x even?(1) xy is even(2) x + y is even
46 A certain zoo has mammals and reptiles and birds, and no other animals. The ratio of mammals to reptiles to birds is 11:8:5. How many birds are in the zoo?Statement #1: there are twelve more mammals in the zoo than there are reptilesStatement #2: if the zoo acquired 16 more mammals, the ratio of mammals to birds would be 3:1
47 In a set of twenty numbers, nineteen of the twenty numbers are between 40 and 50. Is the median greater than the mean?Statement #1: the standard deviation is greater than 15Statement #2: the twentieth number is greater than 500
48 A group of five friends have $87 dollars among them. Each one only has bills, that is, whole dollar amounts, no coins. Dolores has $29: does she have the most money of the five of them?Statement #1: three of the friends are tied for the median value, and one has two dollars less.Statement #2: two of the friends, Andie and Betty, have a combined amount of $30, and each has more than $5 herself.
49 A length of rope is cut into three different lengths. What is the length of the shortest rope?(1) The combined length of the longest two pieces is 6 feet.(2) The combined length of the shortest two pieces is 3 feet.
50 Madge paid A dollars for R bananas. Dean paid B dollars for S bananas. Which one of them paid a higher price-per-banana?Statement #1: B > AStatement #2: R > S
51 K is a rectangular solid. What is the volume of K?Statement #1: a diagonal line across the front face of K has a length of 40Statement #2: a diagonal line across the top face of K has a length of 25
52 Given that (a + b) > (c + d), is a > c?Statement #1: a < (c + d)Statement #2: b < d
53 Which data set has the greater standard deviation, data set K or data set L?(1) Every element in data set K is a multiple of 3.(2) Every element in data set L is a multiple of 9.
54 What is the remainder when positive integer n is divided by 4?(1) When n is divided by 8, the remainder is 1.(2) When n is divided by 2, the remainder is 1.
55 k is an integer from 1 to 9 inclusive. If N = 29736 + k , what is the value of k ?(1) N is divisible by 9(2) N is divisible by 5
56 In a certain daycare, are there more boys than girls?(1) The number of girls is less than 3 times the number of boys.(2) The number of boys is less than 3/4 the number of girls.
57 Set K consists of 4 integers. What is the median of K?(1) The average (arithmetic mean) of K is 3.(2) The mode of K is 3.
58 A drawer contains 36 socks, and 2 socks are selected at random without replacement. What is the probability that both socks are black?(1) The probability is 4/9 that the first sock is black.(2) The number of white socks in the drawer is 4 more than the number of black socks.
59 At the beginning of January 2003, Jill invested money in an account that collected interest, compounding monthly. Assume the annual percentage rate of interest remained constant. What is the total amount she has invested after seven years?Statement #1: her initial investment was $15,000Statement #2: In April, 2004, she earned $38.93 in interest
60 If x and y are integers, is the product xy odd?(1) x = -5(2) x and y are consecutive integers