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101 When 900 is divided by positive integer F, the remainder is M. For some integer N > 5000, when N is divided by positive integer D, the remainder is R. Is R > F?Statement #1: M = 1Statement #2: D = 23
102 Mark has fewer than 9 coins. Each coin is either a quarter (worth $0.25) or a dime (worth $0.10). How many dimes does Mark have?(1) The total value of Mark’s coins is $1.70(2) Mark has three times as many quarters as he has dimes.
103 If line k is in the xy–coordinate plane, what is the slope of k?(1) The x–intercept of k is 3.(2) The y–intercept of k is -2.
104 One number, k , is selected at random from a set of 11 consecutive even integers. What is the probability that k = 10?(1) The average (arithmetic mean) of the set is zero.(2) The probability that k = 10 is the same as the probability that k = -10.
105 K is a set of integers such thati) if x is in K, then 2x is in Kii) if each of x and y is in K, then x + y is in KIs 15 in K?(1) 1 is in K.(2) 3 is in K.
106 Is |x – 6| > 2?Statement #1: |x – 4| > 3Statement #2: |x – 8| > 1
107 An oddly shaped die has N sides, numbered from 1 to N, that are equally likely to appear on a throw. Let P be the probability that at least one "1" appears in two throws. Is P < $$(\frac{1}{5})$$?Statement #1: N is a prime numberStatement #2: N > 5
108 If w, x and y are different positive integers, and wxy = 24, is xy divisible by 6?(1) wy is not divisible by 6.(2) x is even.
109 Set K consists of a finite number of consecutive odd integers. If x is the smallest number in K and y is the greatest, then y - x =(1) The average (arithmetic mean) of set K is –36.(2) There are 8 numbers in set K.
110 The numbers a, b, c, and d are all positive, and J = $$\frac{a}{b}$$ and K = $$\frac{c}{d}$$. Is J greater than K?Statement #1: a < b, c < d, and c > aStatement #2: a + 7 = c and b + 4 = d
111 Andrew and Georgia are in a group of M employees. From this group of M employees, N will be selected, at random, to sit in a line of N chairs. There are absolutely no restrictions in either the selection process or the order of seating—both are entirely random. What is the probability that the employee Andrew is seated somewhere to the right of employee Georgia?Statement #1: N = 15Statement #2: N = M
112 A square and a circle intersect at more than one point. Does the square have more area than the circle?Statement #1: there are exactly four intersection pointsStatement #2: at least two of the intersection points are on vertices of the square
113 A certain hospital has 400 patients, who are classified in one of two categories: intensive care (IC) and regular care (RC). What percent of the hospital's patients are in IC?Statement #1: 60% of the patients are male, and the rest are femaleStatement #2: 25% of the male patients are in IC, and 80% of the female patients are in the RC.
114 How many shirts does Phil own?(1) 12 of Phil’s shirts are dress shirts.(2) 85 percent of Phil’s shirts are not dress shirts.
115 In a certain company, 25% of the women and 17% of the men participate in the voluntary equity program. Let M be the number of male employees. If there are 600 employees total, what is the value of M?Statement #1: M > 100Statement #2: more than 130 employees participate in the voluntary equity program
116 A class contains boys and girls. What is the probability of selecting a boy from the class?Statement #1: there are 35 students in the classStatement #2: the ratio of boys to girls is 3:4
117 If 2x - y = 75, what is the value of x?(1) x = 3y(2) y = 15
118 Boat World sells a certain boat and a certain trailer. What is the price of the trailer?(1) The price of the boat is $7,500 more than the price of the trailer.(2) The combined price of the boat and trailer is $15,000.
119 In a group of 80 college students, how many own a car?(1) Of the students who do not own a car, 14 are male. (2) Of the students who own a car, 42% are female.
120 In the xy-coordinate system, do any points on line k lie in quadrant III?(1) Line k has y-intercept 2(2) Line k has slope $$\frac {2}{3} $$GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分