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81 Metropolitan Concert Hall was half full on Tuesday night. How many seats are in the Hall?Statement #1: If the number of people in the Hall increased by 20% from Tuesday night to Wednesday night, then the Hall would be 60% full on Wednesday night.Statement #2: If 20 more people showed up on Tuesday night, that would have increased the number of people in the Hall by 4%.
82 The symbol Ω represents one of the following operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. What is the value of 1 Ω 1?(1) 2 Ω 2 = 4(2) 0 Ω 1 = 0
83 The Cyclepaths Bicycle Factory has 300 bicycles in stock. The bicycles are either blue or red, and they come in two sizes: large and small. If 175 of the bicycles are blue, and 140 are large, how many are both blue and large?(1) There 90 small red bicycles.(2) There are twice as many small blue bicycles as there are large red bicycles.
84 S is a set of n consecutive positive integers. Is the mean of the set an integer?Statement #1: the range of S is an even integerStatement #2: the median of S is an integer
85 There are 42 students in a group. If each student is either a freshmen or a senior, how many of the students are seniors?(1) The group has more than four times as many seniors as it has freshmen.(2) The group has more than 7 freshmen.
86 If F is the prime factorization of N!, how many factors in F have an exponent of 1?Statement #1: 32 ≤ N ≤ 40 Statement #2: 27 ≤ N ≤ 35
87 Bea owns how many more CDs than Al owns?(1) If Bea gives 9 of her CDs to Al, then Al will own twice as many CDs as Bea owns.(2) If Bea gives 1 CD to Al, and Al purchases 4 additional CDs, then Al and Bea will have an equal number of CDs.
88 A box contains bags of marbles. All of the bags hold the same number of marbles except one bag, which holds one marble more than each of the other bags hold. If the box contains a total of 2001 marbles, how many bags are in the box?(1) The number of bags is between 13 and 23 inclusive(2) There is an even number of bags, and there is an even number of marbles in the bag containing the extra marble.
89 In a certain group, the average (arithmetic mean) age of the males is 28, and the average age of the females is 30. If there are 100 people in the group, how many of them are males?(1) The average age of all 100 people is 28.9 (2) There are 10 more males than there are females.
90 What is the average (arithmetic mean) of x and y?(1) The average (arithmetic mean) of x, y and k is 7.(2) The average (arithmetic mean) of x, y and 3k is 13.
91 If lines k and j are in the xy–coordinate plane, is the slope of line k greater than the slope of line j?(1) The x-intercept of line k is greater than the x-intercept of line j(2) Lines k and j intersect at (7, 2)
92 If n is a positive integer, does n have four or more distinct positive factors?Statement #1: n is not primetatement #2: 900 ≤ n < 1100
93 Bert has exactly $1.37 of loose change in his pocket, including at least one of each: a penny ($0.01), a nickel ($0.05), a dime ($0.10), and a quarter ($0.25). He reaches into his pocket and pulls out one coin at random. What is the probability that the coin is a nickel?Statement #1: There are exactly seven pennies in his pocketStatement #2: There are exactly three quarters in his pocket
94 A certain lighthouse is a tall thin cylinder of brick, with a light chamber at the top. The brick extends from the ground to the floor of the light chamber. The brick siding of the lighthouse is in need of painting. How many square feet of brick does it have?Statement #1: The outer diameter of the brick portion of the lighthouse is 28 ftStatement #2: There are 274 steps from ground level to the floor of the light chamber, and each one is 8 inches high.
95 If F is a factor of 105, is F is a prime number?Statement #1: F is not divisible by 3Statement #2: F < 10
96 In a card game named Allemande, each of four players has a hand of 8 cards from a standard deck of 52. Through the play of the game, players try to maximize the point value of their final hand. Suits are irrelevant. Cards Ace through 10 have a point value equal to the number of their card: for example, the five of any suit would be worth 5 points. Face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are worth 20 points each. Does Charles have the highest value final hand?Statement #1: Charles' final hand is worth 117 pointsStatement #2: No other player besides Charles has more than four face cards in his final hand.
97 If a student is selected at random from Learngood Elementary, what is the probability that the student will be a boy?(1) There are 480 students at Learngood.(2) At Learngood, the ratio of boys to girls is 7 : 5
98 M is a rectangular solid. What is the volume of M?Statement #1: The bottom face of M has an area of 28, and the front face, an area of 35.Statement #2: All three dimensions of M are positive integers greater than one.
99 Point (P, Q) is in the coordinate plane. Is P > Q?Statement #1: (P, Q) is closer to the x-axis than to the y-axis. Statement #2: Point (P, Q) is above the line y = x + 1.
100 If Carl is 3 times as old as Bea, how old is Bea?(1) In nine years, Carl will be twice as old as Bea.(2) Six years ago, Carl was 7 times as old as Bea.