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21 If k is an integer, is k prime? Statement #1: k has fewer than four factorsStatement #2: 150 ≤ k ≤ 200
22 How many paintings does Jill own?(1) If Jill sells 5 of her paintings then she will own fewer than 24 paintings. (2) If Jill buys 5 more paintings then she will own at least 32 paintings.
23 Is x > y?(1) x - y > 3(2) x + y > 3
24 Let ABC denote the digits of a three-digit number. Is this number divisible by 7?Statement #1: The two-digit number BC is divisible by 7Statement #2: A + B + C = S, and S is divisible by 7
25 A certain aquarium holds three types of fish: angelfish, swordtails and guppies. What is the ratio of the number of guppies to the number of angelfish?(1) There are 200 fish in the aquarium(2) 45 percent of the fish are swordtails, and there are twice as many swordtails as there are angelfish.
26 w, x and y are positive integers such that w ≤ x ≤ y. If the average (arithmetic mean) of w, x and y is 20, is w > 15 ? (1) y = 28(2) One of the three numbers is 17
27 Students were given tokens to spend at a fair with various tents to visit. Each student was given 16 tokens. Some tents cost 3 tokens to enter, and some, 4 tokens. How many tents did Amelia visit?Statement #1: Amelia spent all of her tokens.Statement #2: Not all of the tents Amelia visited were the same token-price.
28 If the points A, B and C lie on the same line, what is the distance between points A and B?(1) The distance between point A and point C is 10 inches.(2) The distance between point B and point C is 7 inches.
29 In the rectangular coordinate system, line k is defined by the equation x - 2y + n = 0. What is the value of n?(1) The x-intercept of line k is 8.(2) The y-intercept of line k is -4.
30 What is the ratio of x to y?(1) The ratio of 0.2x to 3y is 1 to 6.(2) y is 40 less than twice x.
31 Josh purchased several widgets for a total cost of $480. Every widget had the same price. What was the cost of 1 widget?(1) If the price of each widget had been $2.00 less, the total cost would have been $160 less.(2) If the price of each widget had been $1.50 more, the total cost would have been 25 percent more.
32 What is the average (arithmetic mean) of a and b?(1) The average (arithmetic mean) of a + 2 and b + 7 is 12 (2) The average (arithmetic mean) of a, b and 6 is 7
33 Point (P, Q) is in the coordinate plane. Is P > Q?Statement #1: P is positive.Statement #2: Point (P, Q) above the line y = x + 1.
34 If P and Q are positive integers, and if P > 1, does P = Q?Statement #1: P is a factor of QStatement #2: P is a multiple of Q
35 Sue purchased several identical brooms at Gigamart. If Sue paid a total of $78.30, including 8 percent sales tax, for all of the brooms, what is the price of 1 broom, EXCLUDING sales tax?(1) The sales tax on each broom was $1.16(2) Sue bought 5 brooms at Gigamart.
36 If the average (arithmetic mean) of four different positive integers is greater than 3 and less than 4, what is the range of the four numbers?(1) One number is greater than 7(2) The median of the four numbers is 2.5
37 Two teachers, Ms. Ames and Mr. Betancourt, each had N cookies. Ms. Ames was able to give the same number of cookies to each one of her 24 students, with none left over. Mr. Betancourt was also able to give the same number of cookies to each one of his 18 students, with none left over. If N > 0, what is the value of N?Statement #1: N < 100Statement #2: N > 50
38 Robin drove from Townville to Villageton. Upon arriving in Villageton, she immediately returned to Townville. What was Robin’s average speed for the entire trip?(1) While driving from Townville to Villageton, Robin’s average speed was 40 miles per hour. While driving from Villageton to Townville, Robin’s average speed was 60 miles per hour.(2) The distance from Townville to Villageton is 120 miles
39 If x and y are consecutive odd integers such that x < y, what is the value of y + x?(1) The product of xy is negative.(2) The sum x + y is the square of an integer.
40 Is a < b?(1) a + b > 0(2) a - b > 0