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1 How many hours did it take Dale to drive from A-town to B-town?(1) If Dale’s average speed for the trip had been three times as fast, the trip would have taken 2 hours.(2) The distance from A-town to B-town is 100 miles.
2 At the beginning of January 2003, Elizabeth invested money in an account that collected interest, compounding more frequently than a year. Assume the annual percentage rate of interest remained constant. What is the total amount she has invested after seven years?Statement #1: her initial investment was $20,000Statement #2: the account accrued 7% annual interest
3 If 3w + 2y = x, then what is the value of y?(1) 6w + 6 = 2x(2) 9w = 3x - 9
4 What is the average (arithmetic mean) of a, b, c and d?(1) The average of a, b and c is 6(2) The average of b, c and d is 6
5 Maggie is 15 years older than Bobby. How old is Bobby?Statement #1: In 3 years, Maggie's age will be 50% larger than Bobby's age.Statement #2: Years ago, when Maggie was 25 years old, Bobby was 10 years old.
6 If x and y are positive, what is the value of y?(1) xy is the square of an integer.(2) 600 percent of x equals 200 percent of y.
7 Suppose n children are going to sit, in any order, on a row of n chairs. What is the value of n?Statement #1: If one child leaves, and one chair is removed from the row, there would be 4320 fewer arrangements of the remaining children.Statement #2: In this row, there are 5040 possible arrangements of the n children.
8 A group consists of Canadians, Americans and Mexicans. If the ratio of the number of Canadians to the number of Mexicans is 3 to 2, how many Americans are in the group?(1) The ratio of the number of Mexicans to Americans is 7 to 13.(2) There are fewer than 30 Mexicans.
9 Ann and Bob planted trees on Friday. What is the ratio of the number of trees that Bob planted to the number of trees that Ann planted?(1) Ann planted 20 trees more than Bob planted.(2) Ann planted 10 percent more trees than Bob planted.
10 If x and y are different positive integers, what is the value of x?(1) x + y = 5(2) xy = 6
11 What is the value of x - y?(1) x + y = 12(2) x^{2} + x = 12
12 Lisa and Phillip are in a group of J employees. From this group of J employees, K will be selected, at random, to sit in a line of K chairs. There are absolutely no restrictions in either the selection process or the order of seating—both are entirely random. What is the probability that the employee Lisa is seated exactly next to employee Phillip? Statement #1: K = 15Statement #2: K = J
13 The lengths of the sides of triangle ABC are such that AB = x + 2, BC = x - 3, and AC = y - 1. Which angle in triangle ABC is the largest?(1) x - y = 1(2) y = 8
14 If line k in the xy-coordinate plane has the equation Ax + By = C, what is the slope of line k ?(1) A = 2B(2) C = 4B
15 Bill took 4 math tests, and each test received a score out of 100. What was Bill’s average (arithmetic mean) score for all 4 tests?(1) Bill’s first 3 tests received an average score of 50.(2) Bill’s last 2 tests received an average score of 50.
16 Right now, a barrel of water is exactly 40% full of water. What is the volume of the barrel?Statement #1: If the water in the barrel right now were increased by 25%, then the barrel would be exactly half full.Statement #2: If a volume of water equal to half of what is in the barrel right now were added to the barrel, the empty space left in the barrel then would equal the volume of the water now.
17 Throughout last year, a stylish jacket had a full price of P in a certain store. At the beginning of this year, the price of the jacket rose A% percent to this year's full price. Shortly after the beginning of this year, this store had a sale, and Jessica bought the jacket at B% less than this year's current full price, where B > A. How much did Jessica save, buying the jacket this year on sale, as compared to what she would have spent last year?Statement #1: P = $250Statement #2: B – A = 5
18 Is x > y?(1) x - y - 1 > 0(2) x - y + 1 > 0
19 At ABC Hardware the total cost of 1 paintbrush and 2 rolls of tape is $6.25. What is the price of one roll of tape? (1) The price of one paintbrush is three times the price of one roll of tape.(2) The total cost of 6 rolls of tape and 3 paintbrushes is $18.75.
20 The Townville museum was open for 7 consecutive days. If the number of visitors each day was 3 greater than the previous day, how many visitors were there on the first day?(1) There were a total of 126 visitors for the 7 days.(2) The number of visitors on the seventh day was three times the number of visitors on the first day.