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1 What is the value of a? (1) -(a + b) = 2a – b + 9 (2) a + b = 6
2 What was Bill's average speed on his trip of 250 miles from New York City to Boston? (1) The trip took Bill 5 hours.(2) At the midpoint of his trip, Bill was going exactly 50 miles per hour.
3 8 cities, including Memphis, are finalists to be chosen to host a political convention. Exactly one city will be chosen to host the convention. What is the probability that Memphis is not chosen?(1) The probability that any one of the 8 cities does not win the competition is 7/8.(2) The probability that Memphis wins the competition is 1/8.
4 What percent of x is $$\frac{3}{4}$$?(1) x = 5y(2) y = 10
5 If Company X sold 6,000 newspapers last year, how many will it sell this year? (1) Two years ago, Company X sold 5,000 newspapers. (2) Three years ago, Company X sold 4,000 newspapers.
6 Is the positive integer x divisible by 6?(1) x is divisible by 12.(2) x is divisible by 9.
7 Bob works exactly 8 hours per day assembling widgets at a constant rate. How many widgets can he assemble in half of a workday?(1) Bob produces 20 widgets in a full workday.(2) Bob produces 50 widgets in 20 hours.
8 A certain box contains only red balls and green balls. If one ball is randomly selected from the box, what is the probability that it is red?(1) Red balls comprise exactly two-thirds of all the balls in the box.(2) The probability of selecting a green ball from the box is$$\frac{ 1}{3}$$.
9 If the average weight of the chickens on Farm One is 12 pounds, how many chickens are there on Farm Two?(1) The average weight of the chickens on Farm Two is 13 pounds.(2) The total weight of the chickens on Farm Two is 6 pounds less than the total weight of the chickens on Farm One.
10 Of the 32 houses on John Street, 10 are big houses and the rest are little. How many of the little houses on John Street are pink?(1) All of the houses on John Street are either pink or blue. (2) There are 14 pink houses on John Street.
11 Ivan operates an ice cream stand in the summertime, selling exclusively chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cones. On a recent afternoon, the ratio of chocolate to vanilla to strawberry cones sold by Ivan was 6 : 3 : 2. How many cones did Ivan sell on that afternoon? (1) Ivan sold 24 vanilla cones.(2) Ivan sold twice as many chocolate cones as vanilla cones.
12 Is pq > 0?(1) p < 0(2) q < 0
13 What is the largest angle in triangle ABC?(1) The sum of angles A and B is 70 degrees.(2) Angle C is 110 degrees.GMAT、gmat题库、gmat模考、gmat考满分
14 Is a + b > c + d ?(1) a > c(2) d < b
15 The sum of n consecutive positive integers is 45. What is the value of n?(1) n is even(2) n < 9
16 The average (arithmetic mean) height of five of Peter’s friends is 70 inches. What will be the new average height if Peter is included in the group? (1) Peter’s height is 1 foot greater than the average height of his five friends (1 foot = 12 inches). (2) Peter is 5 inches taller than the tallest of his five friends.
17 A tire store offered customers a 25 percent rebate on all tires purchased during a certain weekend. Assuming all customers who purchased tires received rebates, what is the total amount that the tire manufacturer paid out in rebates? (1) On Saturday, the store had $900 in tire sales, and total tire sales doubled on Sunday. (2) For the entire weekend, the store had a total of $2,700 in tire sales.
18 What is 20% of 3x? (1) 40% of 6x equals 12(2) 20x = 15x + 25
19 If 3 years ago Jennifer was 22 years old, how old is Carmen now? (1) 10 years ago, Carmen was twice as old as Jennifer. (2) 10 years from today, Carmen will be 15 years older than Jennifer.
20 What is 11% of x? (1) $$\frac{3}{8}$$ of x is 24(2) 5% of x is 3.2