PREP 08 Test 2

PREP08的破解版本里面剔除了旧prep中已有的题目,08版题号是07版的延续,题号从152至235,共 84 题。


序号 题目内容
152 Unlike Schoenberg's twelve-tone system that dominated the music of the postwar period, Bartók founded no school and left behind only a handful of disciples.
153 For centuries, people on sea voyages washed their clothes by placing the dirty laundry in a strong cloth bag, then toss it overboard, and let the ship drag the bag for hours.
154 There is nowhere in early American literature where the influence of Jane Austen is so apparent as the novels of James Fenimore Cooper.
155 With surface temperatures estimated at minus 230 degrees Fahrenheit, Jupiter's moon Europa has long been considered far too cold to support life, and with 60 square miles of water thought to be frozen from top to bottom.
156 Deborah Aguiar-Velez, founder of Sistemas Corporation, has written a computer textbook in Spanish for people who speak Spanish and so then do not have to rely on translations from English.
157 The striking differences between the semantic organization of Native American languages and that of European languages, in both grammar and vocabulary, have led scholars to think about the degree to which differences in language may be correlated with nonlinguistic differences.
158 Sales of wines declined in the late 1980s, but they began to grow again after the 1991 report that linked moderate consumption of alcohol, and particularly of red wine, with a reduced risk of heart disease.
159 The first detailed study of magpie attacks in Australia indicates that by the time they had reached adulthood, 98 percent of men and 75 percent of women born in the country have been attacked by the birds
160 In a previous design, the weight of the discus used in track competition is concentrated in a metal center, but now it is lined with lead around the perimeter, thereby improving stability in flight and resulting in longer throws.
161 Deserts are inhabited with several distinct animal species, with each their own method of adapting to long periods of moisture shortage.
162 Such orb-weaving spiders like the argiope build webs in an essentially wheel-like structure, with an outer rim and a number of spokes emanating from the hub.
163 Because there are provisions of the new maritime code that provide that even tiny islets can be the basis for claims to the fisheries and oil fields of large sea areas, they have already stimulated international disputes over uninhabited islands.
164 Mixed with an equal part of water, ethylene glycol, a compound commonly used as an automotive antifreeze, is effective at temperatures as low as –30 degrees Fahrenheit.
165 Some scientists have been critical of the laboratory tests conducted by the Federal Drug Administration on the grounds that the amounts of suspected carcinogens fed to animals far exceeds those that humans could consume
166 The period when the great painted caves at Lascaux and Altamira were occupied by Upper Paleolithic people has been established by carbon-14 dating, but what is much more difficult to determine are the reason for their decoration,the use to which primitive people put the caves, and the meaning of the magnificently depicted animals.
167 On August 13, 1868, the warship U. S. S. Wateree, anchored in the harbor of Arica, off the coast of what is now northern Chile, rode on the crest of a tsunami (seismic sea wave) and coming to rest in the Atacama Desert, it was some three miles up the coast and almost two miles inland from its initial anchorage.
168 The first shots of the American Revolution, fired at Lexington and Concord. Massachusetts, were, according to legend, heard around the world, but news of these shots, which were sent by swift messenger, took four days in reaching New York City as well as another additional eleven days to reach Charleston, South Carolina.
169 Retailers reported moderate gains in their November sales, as much because of their sales of a year earlier being so bad as that shoppers were getting a head start on buying their holiday gifts.
170 Birds known as honeyguides exhibit a unique pattern of behavior: the bird leads another animal, such as a honey-badger or a human, to a bees' nest with their chattering when they fly ahead; after the larger animal takes honey, the bird eats the wax and bee larvae.
171 Marconi's conception of the radio was as a substitute for the telephone, a tool for private conversation; instead, it is precisely the opposite, a tool for communicating with a large, public audience.